Thursday, November 15, 2012

The 3 A.M. Wake Up Call and The Evil Chihuahua

I am cranky today!

Yep, I will fully admit to my levels oh high crankiness. It might actually be a good move to avoid me at all costs. In fact, I am so cranky today, I thought about skipping the whole blog post because the only thing that was coming to mind, was how cranky I was. And seriously, how much can I really write about being cranky. But the thought of not writing my blog post made me even more cranky.

(By the way, the way, that is 82 words just about being cranky not counting these right here!)
My Poor little boy. He is definitely not
feeling too good.

So here is the reason. I got a wake-up call at 3 a.m. I woke up to my son kicking on the walls of his bedroom. He has been sick. And actually, this was the wake up call I got after I got into a deep sleep. The first one wasn't really a wake up call at all. I was still trying to fall asleep. The second one came not even an hour later. But then he got me. He got me good. You see, I had finally gotten into a really good sleep and suddenly he his banging on the walls with his damn feet!

Now, there was nothing I could do to comfort him. He actually told me to go away because I wasn't helping. But my husband had to get up in the morning and the last thing he needed was our son to be kicking the walls and screaming. So, I got up. We went downstairs and laid on the couch. Somewhere in the midst of Cars 2, we both fell asleep. Of course I am pretty sure this was because of the medicine which could make him drowsy. Finally, some peace and quiet... for him. He isn't a nice sleeper. My rest was anything but restful.

Cookies for breakfast...
don't worry, he didn't eat
anything but the insides!
But the day does go on and early morning I was feeling very good about how his fever had broken and he seemed to be doing much better. He was even using his sickness to his advantage. Promptly following every single demand with an "I'm sick!!!!" I caved. He got cookies for breakfast. But don't judge. He didn't actually eat them. He just licked the middles out and  placed them on the floor.

So, I decided that I would go walk "The Boys." The boys are a couple of Basset Hounds. I walk the dogs a couple days a week in return for my kids getting piano lessons. I was supposed to walk them yesterday, but Max was far to sick. But today, I thought I would go ahead and try. After all, worst case scenario, we would walk to the house and have to turn around without walking the dogs. Besides, it was good to get out and get some fresh air.

Upon getting the dogs leashed up and leaving the house... now mind you, I am holding on to two basset hounds - one that is young and pulls everywhere and one that walks slower than molasses. They are completely opposite. In the middle is my son Max in the stroller. Yes, this is a juggling act but I have gotten used to it after about a year of walking the dogs.

However, upon heading out of the house, we get charged. Not by some big bad ass dog but a little evil Chihuahua.

Well, this little devil dog has caused problems before. In fact, it bit one of the dogs the last time the owner had him out and about without a leash. So naturally, the older dog is scared and the younger dog wants to eat him. My job - I need to get the evil chihuahua to go away. And that I did. I stared into that evil dogs beady red eyes and told him to go home. He kept lunging at us. I jumped at him. I don't really have much choice, my hands are full with two leashes and a stroller. My options are tied.

I scared him away when I jumped toward him, but I also gave myself a headache. Apparently jumping is not the brightest thing to do after having a head injury. (I cracked my head open doing a bad acting stunt on Sunday!)

So needless to say... I am feeling cranky.

And I have a headache too.

To top it off, my son, who was feeling better is now back to running a fever and uncontrollably crying.

I have a feeling it is going to be a long night.


  1. Oh Stacy, I hope your son is feeling better and believe me I know all too well how sick kids are no fun for us moms. So believe me I not only hope he is feeling better for his own sake, but for you too. That said, enjoyed this post even if you were cranky when writing it, especially about jumping towards that little terror of a dog!!

    1. Ha ha - that dog really was a terror... and I guess I was wrong... it isn't the same one that terrorized the boys last time. they moved. So this is a new one. Yikes

  2. Ugh. I hate it when kids are sick. I used to have such anxiety about that. Hang in there!!!

    1. My son is by far the crankiest person I have ever met while sick... he is even worse than my husband and that is hard to beat! :)

  3. I hope he feels better soon. And write, you're a mom, you walk dogs...what DON'T you do? lol

  4. Ugh that is the worst! I detest being woken up in the night. I did have to giggle at the image of your son licking the cookies at breakfast! :) Hope tomorrow is better!

    1. Yeah - this is a pretty bad cold... the bad thing is I think I am starting to get it... I need to go get some Vitamin C drops or orange juice or something... I don't want to get sick.

  5. Stacy, Have you gone to the doctor about your head injury? It shouldn't still be bothering you after this length of time. I know you're concerned about your sick boy, but you have to take care of yourself too! Get it looked at for your own good, as well as the rest of the familys'!

    1. No - I haven't went to the doctor. But mainly because I am clutzy and I accidently keep touching it. It is sensitive but ok for the most part. I think the headache is coming because I am starting to get this cold that is going around. My husband says if it persists he will take me to Urgent Care. So we are watching. Thanks for the concern! :)

  6. Sounds like a fun day! :/ Shame...I know when I'm that tired I just want to scream/cry if something doesn't go right. Hope little Max is feeling better, and your head is also feeling better! Like Rich says, please take care and don't leave it too long if you keep getting those headaches!


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