Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pillsbury Made a Fool Out Of Me

Today we are heading to a friend's house to do another Thanksgiving. What can I say, I could probably do Thanksgiving meal every single weekend and not get sick of it. I think it is something about the combination of food that makes it taste so good. Or maybe it is just all the happy memories associated with that meal.

Well this weekend is a Friend's Thanksgiving so we are gathering with some of our closest friends and sharing a meal. I offered to bring the pies. There is a reason for that. I am particularly picky about my pie crust. It took me almost 20 years before I would even eat pie crust at all. But finally, I gave it a try using my grandma's recipe, and decided pie crust wasn't so bad after all. But I am still picky.

I like the crust because it is flaky and it melts in your mouth. I dislike the crust because year after year it has become the bain of my existence. Some years it cooperates. Other years I want to fling it across the room in all the tiny bits it falls into.

I have learned pie crust is picky too. 

  • If your shortening is too old - it doesn't cooperate! 
  • If your flour is too old - it doesn't cooperate!
  • If you add too much water - it doesn't cooperate!
  • If you mix it too much - it doesn't cooperate!
  • If you look at it weird - it doesn't cooperate!

Well yesterday I was making pies. I always do the pumpkin pies first that way I get a feel for it again. And frankly, I only make pie crust once a year and it isn't like riding a bike. Pumpkin pies at least hide my frankencrust. Apple Pies showcase it for everybody to see.

I never admitted to making my pies look pretty - 

but at least they taste good!

Yesterday the crust was being evil and uncooperative. (Ok - and I wasn't really in the mood to be making pies either!) I think I was still in a slight turkey coma from the day before. But I really wanted to get the pies made before today. I didn't want to wake up this morning and deal with the uncooperative crust.

By the time I finished my pumpkin pies, I had pretty much had enough. So I decided, against everything I believe it, to send my husband to the store to buy the premade pie crust. I cried a little. This is the first year I broke down and used store-bought crust

It was the easiest thing I have ever done. I unrolled it. I used my rolling pin to make it a little larger to fit in the pie pan. I placed it in pie pan. I filled it with yummy apple pie filling. And then I topped it off and even decorated the edges. It might just be the prettiest damn pie I ever made.

I hope it tastes bad! Because seriously - Pillsbury made a fool out of me!


  1. I have no patience with making homemade pie crust and do it only when the stars align just right. Which is almost never. You have already learned my mother's secret pie crust recipe: use a Pillsbury crust and roll it out a little thinner (otherwise, they are too thick and storeboughtish). I swear, your guests will never know the difference. Happy pie baking!

  2. I think your pie looks beautiful! You're right, though. Baking is so different than regular cooking. Boil up some vegetables and add too much water? No problem. Make a pie and add too much water? Bad problem. LOL. Your pie was beautiful, though! Nice job!

  3. Stacy, that pie looked absolutely delicious and great job. I do cakes not pies, so my hat is off to you for ever attempting to make your own crust. My grandmother made her own crusts all the time and was constantly amazed at how well of a system she had, but it is store bought for me all the way, if I were to ever try.

  4. I just started making pies in the past year. They always look like crap and I never know how thy eyre going to turn out. Sometimes they shrink up and don't even cover the pie plate. I'm such a novice. But I learn something new every time. But yeah, Pillsbury would be a heck of a lot easier...and prettier.

  5. Stacy, that pie looks divine! Yum!!! I wish I could buy ready-made pie dough, but do they sell it here gluten-free? Noooo. I love pies, I just wish I could bake more of them. Maybe one day SA will get with the times and realize there's a whole market for more gluten-free products. I caved though, ended up using ginger cookies (with some wheat) to make the base for the pumpkin pie. Oh well. It was good. Yay for pre-made dough though! ;)

  6. I'm jealous of your Pillsbury pie. We worked so hard on the crust and it fell apart. It fricken fell apart! And it looked like butt!

    Yours is so pretty! I'm going to have to do Pillsbury next year!

  7. The photographed pie does, as the other Commentationers have stated. look great.

    Despite my (slight) Y Chromosome disadvantage, I can speak to the matter of pie making, having had a fling at it a few years ago: your pie shows no sign of dough bandages!
    Most of my pies looked like the pastry equivalent of a 100 year old horsehair plaster wall. I never thought it was a bad thing to cut and paste, figured, it's all the same material and it's edible!
    So if I tore some major holes in my pie crusts, then that's what all the extra stuff was for...patching and filling.

    Fairly early in my cooking phase, my wife convinced me to find an alternative to pie making as an outlet for my inner chef. (And all I asked was if she thought writing messages into the crust, (to be inspired as you ate the desert) was *too* much!)

  8. I've cooked main courses and cookies, but never pies or cakes. Personally, I don't care how they look if they taste good. My mother was a complete "do everything from scratch" person, except for pizza. She used to roll out a can of biscuits and use it as a pizza crust. Always worked well and tasted great. Now you've got me wanting a pie... grrr. : )

  9. Nice looking pie. I know what you mean about being in the mood to make pie crusts. If I'm not in the mood .... forget it the crust is going to be terrible. I'm the same way when it comes to making shortbread at Christmastime. Which reminds me I should get geared up for that task soon.

  10. As much as I am a homemade cook...I will admit...I am a convert.


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