Monday, November 5, 2012

Music Monday: Manic Monday

Ahhh.... it is Monday again.

Mondays have always been just like any other day to me. They all jumble around. They are no different than Sunday or Wednesday or even Thursday.

The main difference is I actually enjoy Mondays. They are my start to the week but not necessarily because I am getting back to the normal grind. If I feel like having a lazy Monday, I do. When people start grumping about the Monday blues, I think, I have never had that problem.

Even when I was working at The Barbershop in Green Bay, Wisconsin, I almost always had Mondays off. So even then, I didn't have to think of it as a torturous way of heading back into the work week.

Staying home with my kids I have been fortunate enough to be able to focus on my writing... whether it is at my blog, on Hubpages or currently my latest insane idea - to complete a novel for NaNoWriMo. What that means is how can I complain about heading back to work if I really never stop working. I am almost always working on writing something, and if I am not writing, I am busy with housewife duties. I have to take care of the kids and throw them a biscuit every once in awhile. I am also in charge of making sure my family isn't running around naked. But I can do that business any day of the week... not just on Mondays.

Then there is today. Today was a little more crazy than normal.

I got up at 5:45 a.m. Now I don't really need to get up that early, but since my husband is going in early for work I figure I might as well get up and get going as well. As an added bonus, that gives me some quiet time to check Facebook and get my writing done.

At 7 a.m. I woke my daughters up and got them ready for school. After making sure they looked human and getting their lunches made, I sat down to do a little more writing. Things have been going smooth, but for some reason today I got stuck. I worked past it, and as of right now, I have just about another 1500 words completed. But I am in the middle of the story. This is the spot were I could lose my audience if I don't keep it interesting. So now I start stressing.

Here he is being a brave boy. After the shots,
he told me he didn't want to be
brave anymore!
On top of that, I had to bring my son back to the doctor for his shots. UGH! Not a fun moment. To get there, I had to drive to the doctor's office that is like a million miles away. We choose this doctor on purpose because we had a relationship with him and knew we could be seen when needed. After being sick for 6 months earlier this year and having so many problems with doctors, I couldn't deal with not being able to be seen by our Primary Care Physician. It was a headache. But to avoid the headache, we have to do the drive. Ok - on a good day it should only take 40 minutes. Whenever I have to go I get stuck in traffic and stuck behind idiot drivers! It took me nearly an hour and a half and it wasn't even rush hour traffic. Stupid.

So I get to the doctors office and I wait. Now my son has to use the bathroom. You can not deny a 3 year old the opportunity to use the bathroom. So I took him to the bathroom and he peed on his shirt! Go me! We don't carry a diaper bag around so it isn't like I had a change of clothes!

After I finally get him settled down from getting his shots, my husband wants to meet up for lunch. This means I am driving another 30 minutes in traffic that has got my stress levels going through the roof! I should have asked the doctor for some anxiety medication. Lunch was a good distraction and a break from the busy day, even though my mind was on the laundry I was actually trying to get done.

Once lunch was done I had another 50 minutes left to drive to get back home. The cranky kid finally passed out in the back and he napped until it was time to pick up my other daughter for school. I got some quiet time to do some more writing. But he didn't wake up by the time I had to leave and anyone knows waking up a toddler is usually not a good idea.

So, the afternoon has quickly jumped upon us. I have folded a piece of laundry, I feel like I have been slacking on my writing, and to top it off, I didn't even get my workout in or my shower.

I guess it has been a crazy day around here...

So that is why for Music Monday I decided to go with Maniac Monday. What other song would have really been suited for today!

Here is hoping that your Monday has been going a little smoother!


  1. You're still keeping up - which is more than I can say when I have a crazy day like that. :) Let's hope Tuesday will be nice and quiet...

    1. I am hoping for the same thing... although sadly I am going to be stuck doing the laundry I haven't finished yet! My least favorite chore - not that I really like any of them! :)

  2. Sounds like my day as well and thank you for the flashback to The Bangles and Manic Monday. Loved that song and now more than ever it truly resonates with me, too!!

    1. Ha ha - I love that song. I was singing it today and I was like... that is perfect for Music Monday!

  3. enjoyed the Post, and I for one (not having the children-to-school-etc) to contend with, still prefer the early* morning hours for the blog writing and FB keeping-up-with work.
    Could identify with more than I would have thought, good Post.

    *4 am believe it or not is a good time of day

  4. You're doing great with the novel, I can just feel it! I'm so glad to be on this journey with you. Enjoyed your post...I don't dread Mondays now. Like you, I'm always doing something...hehe.

  5. You are super mom! I don't know how you guys do it, really. Some days I struggle to fit it all in - yesterday was highly unproductive for me too and I also didn't manage a workout - and I don't even have kids! Here's hoping today goes a bit that song! :)

  6. There are times I am really happy that the kids are grown and out of the house. You've just reminded me of them, thank you! lol One day, you'll be sitting all alone in a big house wondering whatever happened to these times ... and loving every second of it! : ) Nice post!

  7. It sounds like quite the day! I think it's sweet that you and your husband have lunch together. Even though it was busy, it sounds like a pretty good Monday to me. Maybe I should stop dreading them so much! :)


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