Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Ungrateful Thanksgiving Post

Are you feeling overly thankful!
Today is Thanksgiving. It is a day to be thankful and that is just what everybody has done. They have spread their thankfullness all over the place. Their cheery disposition is affecting the moods of everybody around them.

It is downright disgusting... I mean... what do you have to be so thankful for?

So I decided to take a different, nontraditional way of looking at Thanksgiving. I want to focus on all the things I am not thankful for.

1. Last year I decided to subscribe to the newspaper. I only got the Sunday paper because those are the ones with all the coupons, and frankly, I was planning on becoming the next extreme couponer. (Ok - that never happened! I don't get it. I spent more money using coupons than actually saving since half the stuff I didn't even need.) Well, I was a little upset because today's paper was going to have all the Black Friday Ads and I wasn't going to get it.

Guess what was laying on my driveway today? The newspaper. Now, I am so not thankful for getting one extra newspaper, especially the one that I was going to go buy anyway. I mean, these ads have not only given me ideas for what to get others for Christmas, but they also encouraged me to send my husband out for the Black Friday Madness. So if he gets what he is there for... how could I possibly be thankful for that?

2. I need to go clothes shopping. I am not a big shopper but sadly, a good portion of my clothes don't even fit any more. I guess I lost too much weight since last year.

3. Today we went to see family for a Thanksgiving feast. There was turkey and mashed potatoes and cranberries and sweet potatoes and green bean casserole and crescent rolls and pies. Needless to say, my eyes were bigger than my stomach. I am so full. I could barely eat that second piece of pie.

3 Kids and they all want my attention!
4. As I sat on the couch moaning in misery (see above) my daughter asked if I would like to play some Bananagrams. This is a complicated game of words. I suffered through that game. I am way to stubborn to quit. Later, my other daughter kept talking and talking and talking. She does that a lot. Luckily, my son was passed out in a turkey coma. Lucky for me, he couldn't irritate me at all.

5. My husband kept giving me his bedroom eyes. I told him down boy. He told me I was beautiful and gave me a hug and a kiss. I think he was trying to make me blush. He complimented me on my outfit for Thanksgiving Day and told me I should dress like that more often. I think he liked my boots!

So this is what I have determined:

I obviously have enough money to buy things for not just my self, but for gifts for others.

I am in the best shape of my life. I have never been so healthy.

I have food in my tummy.

I have the best kids in the world.

I am lucky enough to have a husband who loves me unconditionally!

I Guess I Have A Lot To Be Thankful For After All!!!

It is Thanksgiving and it is that time of year where everybody goes around telling each other how thankful they are for everything they have in their life. But why just one day a year? Let's count our blessings every single day.


  1. Great post Stacy and loved your take on the Thanksgiving post and how your venting and rant turned into that you are indeed thankful. I hope you all had a wonderful day!!

  2. You are a lucky woman, Stacy. :) Great things to be thankful for. :)

  3. Fun post, Stacy! You do have a lot to be thankful for!

  4. I don't get the coupon thing either!

  5. It sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for, indeed!! I hope you and your family had a great day! Get some shopping in today! :)

  6. Stacy - I used to do the coupon thing, only to find most of them had expired by the time I got around to using them. So, I stopped using them, and only bought things I found on sale. That limited the spending itself! You definitely have a lot to be thankful for. What's your secret in losing weight? I lost 30 pounds this summer and it's stopped leaving. In fact, some of its trying to find its way back home. Whatta battle! Great Post!

  7. I loved this post! It was like seeing the Grinch's heart grow, right in front of my eyes.

  8. ...a thanksgiving post in the hands of someone with skills and a sense of humor? priceless!

  9. ...and I am thankful for you! You're such a wonderful blogger/friend and it sounds like Thanksgiving bliss over there. Your kiddos look happy and it's great that you have such wonderful things going on. :)

  10. This was a great post...and that picture...oh my goodness. Where did you find that?


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