Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I am really good at this procrastination thing...

When I woke up this morning, I had my mental To Do list and it was a mile long.

1. Get up and write for NaNoWriMo.
2. Feed kids and get them dressed so they can be a part of normal society.
3. Take kids to storytime at Library to avoid high late book fees.
4. Grab kid's friend and bring him back to house to give him haircut.
5. Get rid of kid.
6. Do laundry.
7. Make Thanksgiving Grocery List.
8. Go to store.
9. Prep stuff for Thanksgiving.
10. Make dinner.
11. Give kids a bath and get them in bed before losing my sanity.
12. Fold laundry.
13. Write blog.
14. Read blogs.

So, it looks like a pretty doable list. But nothing went right. Nothing went right at all. I had intentions of getting out of bed and writing, but the bed was warm. I slept in.

My son got up before I barely had coffee in my system. He begged for some homemade banana bread and then woke his sister's up to brag. I made them get dressed and feed themselves.

We headed to the library. Storytime was cancelled and I am apparently not on my game. However, we did check out 10 books. Not one of them is for me.

On my way back, I grabbed my friend's kid. Brought him home with me to cut his hair. He was back to his house in less than 30 minutes. By this time, I should have already started laundry (Ok - I should have started laundry this morning first thing!) and I should have already made my grocery list. Instead, I dropped him off at home and came home to finish my tasks.

So I figured, I should write some more for NaNoWriMo. I am about 2 or 3 chapters away from finishing. This way I could go to Thanksgiving dinner and casually through out that "I recently wrote a book." You know - for when they ask me what I have been up to. Instead, I called my friend Kelly and chatted for awhile.

By now, I still have yet to make my list, I haven't thrown any laundry in, and I need to run to the store!

Now I realize I need to get the store done, so I through a hasty list together. I really don't feel like going out and dealing with the rest of the procrastinators who decided the day before Thanksgiving is the best time to get all your stuff for your big meal.

Before I headed into the grocery store, I saw that the new Family Dollar opened. Might as well peak in there and see what they got. An hour later, I am finally in the grocery store. Then I realized I forgot my list. That makes it difficult to shop. Now that I am home, I still haven't checked the list to make sure I forgot anything. I should probably get to it.

I did eventually throw a load of laundry in and I only put half of the groceries away. (Why not? I am going to be pulling them back out to make the stuff any way!) I am currently writing this blog and I am feeling lazy.

Gee, if I am this bad before Thanksgiving... what am I going to do after I eat the Turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! 

Have a safe holiday!


  1. I did eventually get everything done today, but not without a bit of procrastination fit into my day. I kept checking FB and my blog a ton of times, when I should have been writing more on my novel. I probably could have gotten another 1,000 words done, but all that putzing around and I left it at a little over 2,000 words for the day. Oh well, I still have accomplished more than I expected for all I am already doing and you have too. Be proud of yourself, I am so very proud of you :)

  2. haha...I felt a rush of adrenaline while reading your blog, Stacy.

    Yes, i hear ya..when the question pops up, "what have you been doing?" don't wanna say that I "just" wrote for stuff...bah!

    To declare that I wrote something substantial and it could get published (ONE DAY!) makes quite a impression :)

    Gobble gobble and happy thanksgiving!

  3. Don't worry, I got nothing done that I had planned to do today either. I am just now sitting down to work on my book proposal, which is due for my class next week. I had intended to finish the proposal by today. Clearly, that's not gonna happen. I say we forget about everything we didn't accomplish today, eat to our heart's content tomorrow, and make a brand new to-do list on Friday...

  4. The only thing that matters is that you guys are together...even if their mother (you) has lost her mind...probably somewhere in the crafting isle of the dollar store. When I get lost, that's where they always find me. :)

    Have a great holiday, Stacy!

  5. Jeez, that's quite a list! I think we're all feeling that way. I'm currently into my 3rd hour of a "quick lunch". I'm lazy and tired and just want this month to end. I should have swept the floors just now, and I should also be making a list for groceries...but that can wait. I've got 1000 words left to write today for NaNo. All I want to do is plonk on the couch and get lost in movies. Almost weekend. We're almost there. Such a cute picture of your son and the banana bread! Priceless! Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  6. You're amazing with NaNoWriMo. Your son is so cute and I'm so glad to read your wonderful stories. I'm thankful for you - Happy Thanksgiving!!

  7. Why do it today if it can wait until tomorrow? Been my philosophy for years! lol Happy Thanksgiving!


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