Flashback Fridays

It's a writer's world out there and frankly, the vast majority of us are struggling or penniless. That isn't to say that making money writing online can't happen, what it says is that making money writing online takes a lot of work. If you think this is your dream job and that in a short amount of time you will be supporting yourself off of all the millions, you are probably going to be disappointed.

So maybe then you are wondering why to even bother writing online at all. For me, it is a passion. I love doing it; I love connecting with other like minded writers; and if I make a few pennies on the side, I am ecstatic.

That is where Flashback Fridays come in. This is were I will, simply put, PIMP my stuff. As some veteran online writers know, when you first hit the publish button so the online world can view your brilliant words, you will get a surge of traffic. However, over time that traffic may drop. That overwhelming feeling of joy might even diminish a little as you realize that magnificently crafted beauty of words is no longer being seen. Bummer! :(

That being said, it doesn't happen to everything we write. There are some that will drop out of radar more often then others... usually the poetry and the short fiction. So, this is a collection of stuff that I have written in the past, and I will share on Flashback Friday.

So I hope you enjoy... and because it is hard work living the penniless writer's life... share if you think others would enjoy it as well!

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