Friday, December 7, 2012

Flashback Friday: Status Update Overload

Today as I was browsing... I mean... wasting time... constantly refreshing my browser on Facebook and Twitter, I came across a tweet from a fellow writer/blogger Julie from Life According to Julie, stating that she was having twitter block.

Then I realized, I have never said anything quick, cute, cool, or funny on Twitter. I must always have twitter block. Oh my, my life is doomed.

Ok - I am going to tell you a little secret. I don't know how to be a tweep. 

I have tried to share stuff and then I realize that I look like a spammer. Then I try to stay stuff that would make moms proud - including mine... and realize that it just isn't my style. I tried to be sarcastic and witty, but usually I lack in that department as well. I mean I can do it, but usually not in 180 characters or less!

Geesh... what do people expect. Comedy without a commentary!

And then there is Facebook. I realize that bouncing between Twitter and Facebook is a problem. I don't have the etiquette for it. If I find something entertaining to say on Twitter... like...

"I am going to go play the piano like a #madWoman - which means I am going to bang on the keys like my 3 year old. Having a piano is fun!"

... a big part of me... and I do mean a REALLY BIG PART OF ME... wants to put the same status update on Facebook. Is that against the rules? I don't know. But what if someone that doesn't follow me on both platforms would miss what I find is the most humorous thing I have said all day. It might even start the apocalypse! Just saying!

I haven't figured all these social networking sites out. I mean - have you seen my hashtags? They are random and make no sense! But they are #awesomesauce. And Facebook - well, you just don't know what I will end up saying. And I will admit lately my status update creativity has been a little zapped.

Jumping back and forth between these social networking sites is exhausting. Which is what brings us to my perfect choice for Flashback Friday...

Status Update Overload

I am pretty sure there are a lot of you that can relate. So tell me, have you felt the effects of Status Update Overload?


  1. I would have to say a huge YES on status update overload. And I'm with you on the inability to be profound and witty on twitter. I just come off as totally lame. Maybe we need our own hashtag #totallylacking #awesomesauce? :)

  2. You aren't alone I am still a Twitter novice and still more of more comfort zone is on Facebook out of all of the social networks. And I go through spurts too where I am on status overload. Maybe we could all learn Twitter etiquette together.

  3. Oh yes, I definitely have the status update overload...even though I'm a novice blogger, I think I've somewhat mastered Twitter versus Facebook. Not that I'm an expert in either, but to me, Facebook is where I put status updates up for my friends to see, who are interested in silly things going on in my life. At least that's the case on my personal facebook page. The blog facebook page is another story...for that one, I usually just put my post for the day up in the status, although I know other people post more often on their pages, with status updates that relate to their blog. As for Twitter, it's much more about promoting your brand or blog or yourself. Cpnsider Twitter to be like an advertisement. So, I'll tweet out my new posts or I'll tweet an article about raising boys (since I'm Oh Boy Mom!). I also tweet personal things too for fun, but nothing too personal since most people on Twitter don't know me or my family. But, I might Tweet something funny like, "Time to uncork the's been a long week with my boys." (Ok, that's not so funny but you get the idea). Hope my little tutorial helped!

  4. And, I don't know what any of this means--that's how much of a nerd I am--yikes!

  5. #madwoman & #others trying to Qut comnt

    You know what I hate?* not having frickin italics in Comments!! That's what I hate** and yes I know that if you find something interesting you don't need me to read it @greatarticles#howtotweet to you unlike when I first started my blog, when I could check to see what they said about my comment where I said something about someone else's comment...
    My head is changing shape so I will stop

    *I remind myself that despite what my mother told me, everyone *does* want to know what I think
    ** maybe not *hate* hate, but major annoyancing***
    *** what I really hate is when someone see something I made up and starts using it and then it's all like, 'oh how creative how did you ever think that up' to this other person!!****
    **** lol I *really will stop now

  6. The problem is, I don't have enough cleverness to go around!

  7. For the record, I happen to think your tweets are very cool! I've tried to get some of mine to look similar, but I never get it right...oh well. I'm still learning the ropes on Twitter with the hash tags and what not. What I've learnt about Twitter though is you need to interact a hell of a lot with people and share interesting stuff to get followers. Who's got the time? And Facebook....well I used to post updates of just about everything I'd do. "Yummy tuna sandwich for lunch", etc....and then I stopped. Then I went through a phase of trying to post only cool stuff and trying to look cool and that fizzled out thankfully. Now I just post whatever I find interesting. It's too stressful otherwise!! Lol!

  8. I'm struggling with the Twitter thing. I've been told it's a must for blog building, but I'm not sure I get the "randomness" of the posts. I don't tweet, personally. I do like to retweet other people's cool stuff, though. Is that SORT OF like writing? :)

  9. Yes. I'm having plain ol' website overload. Comment here, sign up for email there, tweet here, FB there, G+ this, stumble that...I can't...keep....up......


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