Thursday, December 20, 2012

Driving toward the Apocalypse

Tomorrow is the end of the world. 

At least that is what we have all been told. But when is it supposed to start? They predict December 21st 2012. But does that mean at midnight on the 21st or just some time in the middle of the 21st.

The reason I wonder this is because I want to be prepared. Thanks to the Time Zones, it is possible to change times throughout the day. Thanks to International Date Line, the imaginary line that separates two calendar days, it is actually possible to jump from December 21st (if you are on Tonga) and then travel back in time to American Samoa on Dec. 20th.

According to World Atlas, Tonga and American Samoa have the same time but are one day apart, since American Samoa is in the Western Hemisphere, on the opposite side of the International Dateline.

So if the world ends at midnight, Tonga will be one of the first places to know. And if you can make the trek to America Samoan it is possible to head back to were the Apocalypse hasn't even started yet. And vice versa. So once the Apocalypse starts in American Samoa, head back to Tonga. That way you can say you indeed survived December 21st. (I hesitate to say you survived the apocalypse since there is no guarantee how long the apocalypse will last!)

Such a mind boggling thought to wrap your mind around?

As for me, my apocalypse will probably be far from as exciting as traveling through time jumping the International Date Line. However, as my husband did point out, we will be driving toward the Apocalypse. You see we are headed home for the holidays, but to get there, we will have to go from the Pacific Time Zone, through the Mountain Time Zone, until we end up in the Central Time Zone. That means we are losing time and indeed driving straight for Dec. 21st.

Hope everybody else has a happy and safe End of the World!

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  1. Just driving the highways during the holidays is enough to make one pray for the Apocalypse. :) Have a safe and wonderful time, Stacy! Will miss you greatly.


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