Monday, December 17, 2012

A Star For Benjamin - Thanks for All Your Help

The donations have come to a close. It has amazed me how much people have come forward in the time of tragedy. Our group, Bloppy Bloggers, showed that when people put there mind to something, anything can happen. Together, we are powerful!

More than 100 people participated, more than 24 states spread along the route, 3 different countries and more than $3,000 dollars raised. There is also a star in the sky and a star on the tree so this little boy will always be remembered.

If you want to see the progress, check out the updates on Life According to Julie. 
Otherwise, thank you to all those who participated.


  1. Still amazed at the utter kindness and generosity that was received by so many from all over. Makes me feel there is still such good left in this world :)

  2. Lovin all the generosity and good will that we were able to do; I wish we could magically turn back time. Thanks for this!

  3. Amazing what good just a few willing people can do when they put their mind to it, and think of others. x

  4. And prayers for special blessings to rain down on the women who worked so hard to make this happen. There's a little less pain in the world for your efforts.


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