Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Things I think about while I am running!

Today I decided that I was going to go for a run.... on my treadmill. I had to get this treadmill last spring when we got our taxes. It has been getting lonely. As I was running, I realized there are many things that go through my head while I am running on my treadmill. It isn't nearly as peaceful as running outdoors when you are preoccupied with nature. It's actually a really mundane task and with music blasting in the background, I need to find something to preoccupy my thoughts otherwise I am going to quit. I have never been fond of running, but it is something I do because I find some sort of solace in it.

So here are my thoughts... in no particular order because like most of my thoughts, they are mostly random things that pop up in my head.

1. This has got to be better than my original plan... which was to run to the store and buy an entire pumpkin pie and eat the whole thing before anybody even knew I bought it. It is Thanksgiving week after all and I have been obsessing over pumpkin pie for nearly a week now. However, I also know that I will be making pies in a couple of days. Those I will share. So stop obsessing over the pumpkin pie and just run already. You will fulfill your craving soon enough. Oh yeah, and you should also go for a run Thanksgiving morning so you can eat until your miserable... because who doesn't love a holiday that celebrates all things you are grateful for while practicing gluttony.

2. How many steps do I have now.... really.... it hasn't even hit 5,000. I must have been running for at least 20 minutes already. Nope, its only been 2 minutes.

3. Why did I buy this treadmill. I hate running on treadmills!

4. If I run faster it will be done faster. Nevermind... I am not really running for miles I am running for time.

5. Wait! Did I actually state to myself how long I was going to run before I got on this treadmill.

6. I kind of feel like doing a kickboxing workout. Should I get off the treadmill and do that instead?

7. I remember that one time that I actively wrote in my blog. What happened to that? Do I have nothing to say or is it just that things I have to say I think no one would care about. Is my blog so dead that no one will even stop by and look at it cause they aren't used to something being posted? I miss writing.

8. I can't believe that I am finally done with school. I have my bachelor's degree for communication now, however I don't feel any different than I did before. Now I just have more time to take naps.

9. I should read a book. Like a trashy romance novel or some chick drama crap. A fast read because I don't want to have to worry about too much of a commitment.

10. Remember how you didn't entirely commit to Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month where you write 50,000 words in one month with complete abandon) and because you didn't commit but thought maybe you should you started but never really kept up with that? You suck! But not really cause not everybody has the ability to write a book. You should get back to that.

11. Why did I sign up for another half-marathon?

12. You should run faster... click click click.... too fast... click click click... turn it down a little. Too slow. Too fast. Too slow. Too fast. Too slow. Crap! Well, this is just really good interval training.

13. Christmas is just around the corner. I probably should start thinking about that!

14. This song would make a great song for karoake. I should make a personal karoake CD so I can practice because who wants to make a complete fool of themselves?

15. How many steps am I at so far? I should probably run until I hit 10,000 so I can be lazy for the rest of the day.

16. When am I ever going to make updating my Ipod play list a priority. Seriously, who runs to some of these songs?

17. Spiderman keeps staring at me. This is why I run outdoors usually.

18. I wonder how much of a hassle it will be to get a new card for my gym membership since I lost my key chain card. I want to go sit in the hot tub.

19. If I slide the couch over I bet I could fit a bookcase over there. Then I might be able to finally unpack all my books that are still sitting in boxes.

20. I bet once I get off the treadmill, all the really meaningful thoughts will disappear and when I sit down to write them out, it will end up being nothing more than just crap that no one cares to read.

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