Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 9-11 - One of the Lucky Ones!

Never Forget!
As I look outside in my neighborhood, I see
a cloudy day; possibly a storm heading in. It
seems perfect for the anniversary of 9-11!
I woke up this morning and it was cloudy and bleak. It seemed to fit the day as many people are remembering the attacks on September 11. It was a horrific day, and almost anybody you run into has a version of their story.

For me, the weather showcased a perfect setting for such a sombering day. If I think really hard, I don't think there has been even one anniversary of the attacks where the weather hasn't been cloudy and overcast. Maybe it isn't necessarily the weather; maybe it is more my mood.

I have relived the experiences of this day over an over again in my head, and in that time, I have realized it is important to Never Take Tomorrow For Granted!

While it is good to learn lessons from these types of tragedies, it is also important to be thankful for what might have happened.

Now I don't suggest we live in the past. However, for someone like me, an Army Veteran, there are so many other ways this day could have turned out. For that, I am grateful. You might even say, I am one of the Lucky Ones!

Right before the attacks, my sister got married. I was at the wedding in Wisconsin for the weekend. However, it was only a short weekend which meant I had to back in Colorado Springs fairly quickly. My plane left Monday after the festivities. Ironically, I almost missed the flight because traffic due to construction and I couldn't bear leaving my new cell phone behind. If I would have missed my flight, I could have potentially been on a plane on September 11! Or, I might not have been able to get back home at all. I could have been stuck in Wisconsin or I could have been stranded between flights. It is strange how things worked out. Imagine all those who were traveling on that day. Some where stuck in the middle of their trip. Can you imagine being stuck and not being able to get home to your loved ones during such a tragic event?

I was also lucky. I was pregnant the time of the attacks. This meant my oldest daughter could have potentially been my savior. I was in the military and being pregnant kept me from being deployed. Yet, while it kept me safe, it did not keep my husband safe. He was still vulnerable. More so then me since he was in a combat unit.

The day of the attacks are very clear in my mind. I was still on leave so I watched the attacks from home as security tightened on post. My husband was at work. I knew nothing so while my family called to see what was going on, I stood in the dark just like them. My husband left that day. He was on assignment. He had to stand guard and protect our country. He is lucky. He came home.

Within a year of the attacks my husband got out of the military. His unit deployed but he was lucky enough to have gotten out beforehand. His crew chief was killed over there. My husband would have been with him. For that, I consider myself lucky. I am not a part of a family broken because of the War on Terror.

There have been a lot of deaths because of those attacks. Not just on the day, but the days and months and years following. The death toll keeps rising. Yet, we need to stand tall and we need to support our country. We need to support those who protect us. We need to thank those who have given all and the families who have suffered. We need to take the time to tell our loved ones how much we love them. When you think about it, my memories of September 11th could have been very different.

But I am one of the lucky ones. My husband is also one of the lucky ones. 
We will never forget!

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