Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NFL Disgraced -True Packer Fans still Stand Tall and Proud!

I am from Green Bay - so the obvious thing I have on my mind today is the Packers, especially after last night's game. Then again, it doesn't seem to me only Packer fans are ranting and raving over the spectacle last night - it is everybody. After all, what happened last night was a true disgrace to the entire NFL!

Now, I will admit I am a casual football enthusiast. I do get excited when I see the Packers play! But I am from the area and grew up a Cheesehead so what do you really expect! I do scream and shout and yell when something bad happens. I cheer for them when they score and I party when they win.

However, when it comes to the ins and outs of the games, I will admit I don't understand all the nitty-gritty rules and guides and plays. To me, it is a bunch of guys in tight pants, large shoulder pads throwing a ball around. If they are wearing the Green and Gold - I am a happy camper. I know what an Touchdown is - I know what happens when the guys get tackled - I know fumbles - I know downs - and I sure as hell know what an interception is. I don't need to know specific plays to just enjoy the game. (Although I kind of know what a Hail Mary is!) I guess that makes me casual football fan.

So now into the whole dirty disgrace of what happened last night. I am a person who gets the big picture of the game of football, and often times I don't even question the refs because logic tells me they know more than I do... but seriously... anybody could see the last play was an interception!

 So what is the Replacement Refs problem?

Can't you see who has secured the ball - looks like a
Packer to me!

Last night I was joined by a big bunch of people flooding the social networking scene with very colorful language about the Packer's being "%$#!&$" by the refs. The sad thing is, I don't believe this is going to change anything, except skew the stats for this years football teams. It isn't going to rush the NFL in their negotiations with the real refs. It probably won't even stop people from watching the games because they still want to support their team! The Packers went from being the leader in the division to dead last. I am not saying they haven't been struggling, but a win is a win no matter how close it is. Maybe it shouldn't have come down to that last play! Maybe if they would have played better in the beginning there wouldn't have even needed that play to determine the game. However, the play is what won the game. And it was an unfair call!

After all, how many times have you seen a Packer catch the ball and get a score for the opposing team?

Yet, even today, angry as I may be about how the Refs handled that last call, I stand proud and tall to call myself a Packer Fan. Last night during the press conferences, Coach Mike McCarthy showed himself to be a classy guy, while the Seahawks bragged about their win. As Tate stated, it was the competitive nature and applauded their team's efforts. Now I am all for competition. But there should have been a flag on the play... unnecessary roughness or even defensive pass interference.... anyone else agree? And as far as I am concerned, competitiveness and cheating don't go hand and hand.

Shame on you Seahawks for accepting that victory. I would be ashamed and embarrassed to a member of that team and even a fan.

So while the ruling of the game is unfair, I thought the Packers showed true sportsmanship. To me, that is a sign of a real winner! And because of that - I will stand tall and proud as a true Packer fan!


  1. I'm out of my football league because I was so sure the Packs were gonna win! I'm totally annoyed about that game and the "wanna be refs". They need to get real and knock off the lock out!

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