Monday, September 17, 2012

Being an Ass is only Acceptable when your a Donkey

Today I lost my temper.

I really couldn't help it. You see I am a big fan of communication. I even like to be sarcastic at times. However, I have been dealing with an overwhelming amount of rude and unacceptable comments on some of my postings and status updates. I guess that is what happens when you live in the world of Facebook.

For me though - I prefer to keep my Facebook account as drama free as possible. So, if one of my friends says something inappropriate that I may find somewhat offensive, I have a tendency to ignore them. Yet, when their interactions with my other friends start to get heated, that is were I finally have to step in. Today, that is what I did. I shouldn't have to feel embarrassed to be associated with someone.

I am a writer. I do a lot of communicating through the digital world. This means not only do I work online, but I also share the work of my other writer friends. We often times joke around. However, there is one thing we have to do. We have to learn the difference between a person that you can joke with and a person that gets offended.

Me - I don't get offended easily. However, I do have a long fuse with a short temper. Once that fuse is severed - things will blow. So repeatedly crossing the line will get this kind of reaction. The one were I lose my temper and basically have to reprimand you in the view of all my other Facebook friends.

So here is a few things you must keep in mind when interacting online:

1. When dealing with writers, constructive criticism is welcome. However, being rude is not. Each and every writer puts themselves in a very vulnerable spot when they put their writings out there. Be respectful of that.

2. Unless you are in a private message, be mindful of how others that may not be in the conversation may perceive your words. The internet is like shouting in a room full of people. Everybody can see what you say. That doesn't mean you necessarily have to censor yourself, but you should be aware of how others might begin to see you.

3. Keep in mind why you are friends in the first place. It is a digital world in Facebook land. While some of your friends might not be people you have met in person, others you will probably know in real life. Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with others. However, if you are constantly saying things that are rude and unacceptable you may just sever a real life friendship.

4. Being an ass is only acceptable when you are a donkey!

Note from the author: I am saddened that I should even have to post something like this. I really enjoy the interaction I get with others from crazy Facebook status updates and even posting some controversial topics found online. However, there are some invisible buttons that get pushed and frankly I have had enough. This doesn't necessarily mean I am too sensitive or that people have to walk on eggshells around me. I like to joke around as much as the next person. I may even have the occasional (ok - I have alot) sarcastic remark. But as adults, sometimes we have to realize when we have taken things a little too far. Best rule of thumb - remember to respect others. Not everybody will view the world as you do.

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