Friday, September 14, 2012

Do These Wings Make My Ass Look Big???

When it comes to undergarments, I am not partial to one particular store or brand. After all, who am I really showing off my underwear to! (If you are assuming my husband you are wrong! If I am comfortable enough in front of him to fart - then I am comfortable enough with him to wear my granny panties!) So, when it comes to my underwear, I have a tendency to buy what I want and what I think is comfortable.

This was the coupon I found. While it is no longer available,
I just couldn't pass up the deal to get some free underwear!
So a few months back I was trying to become an extreme couponer. While the couponing adventure didn't really work for me in the long run... (I found I spent more money on things I didn't need trying to save. I got a pretty good supply of hand soap now!)...However, I did come across a coupon for a free pair of undies at Victoria's Secret!

Now, I don't typically shop there, but I will go anywhere for a deal. And free underwear - now that is a deal. And it was perfect timing too. You see, I lost a lot of weight last year. Needless to say, when your underwear starts falling off with your pants, chances of something embarrassing happening are more likely. So, it was time to get some new underroos.

And free - I couldn't pass it up.

This is where things went horribly wrong. I went into Victoria's Secret for the free pair of undies. However, this was only free with a small purchase. So, I had to decide what small thing I was going to purchase. Anybody that knows my decision making abilities already knows this will be a long process. After almost an hour of shopping, I almost got a pair of underwear that cost me 100 bucks. But I was strong and eventually I put everything back. Instead I found the smallest bottle of body spray and for about $5 I got my underwear and body spray. Not to bad of a deal for name brand stuff.

Yet, when I went to collect my free panties, I realized I didn't know my size. So I guessed. That really didn't work out well for me and when I got home, those little undies didn't fit my big fat butt! But, you can't beat free so they stuck it out in my personal drawer for the last couple of months.

Today, I am happy to say they finally fit. However, these free undies come with one cleverly cute, looks better in the drawer design. There are these cute angel wings on the butt. As I looked in the mirror all I could think of was...

"Do these wings make my ass look big?"

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  1. I swear I commented on this post?! Anyway, who knows. I love it. This had me laughing....nice work! :)


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