Thursday, September 13, 2012

Proud Parent of a Band Geek!

I remember when I was in 5th grade and I got a chance to join the band. Due to the cost of the instruments, my parents gave me the option of either the flute or the clarinet. If I kept up with my side of the bargain - which was basically playing throughout high school - I would be able to keep my instrument.

Originally I wanted to play the flute. However, my mouth was not shaped right and my band teacher told my parents it was a good chance I would get frustrated and quite before I really began. So, I went with the clarinet instead. I was not happy with the decision, but I really wanted to play an instrument. Funny, for not really wanting to play the clarinet, I sure went far with it. I guess I wasn't too shabby, and the instrument eventually grew on me. But I will admit, I had my fair share of squeeks and squawks, especially in the beginning. I bet my parents don't miss those days.

Well, now it is my turn...

Now a proud flute owner!
The band program here is much different then what it was where I grew up. I guess I was lucky because I never knew how fortunate we were to have this class included as part of our school schedule. My daughter won't have the same experiences because of the lack of funding for this age level.

Now, my daughter Abby is very musically talented. She is in the choir and she is also learning the piano. So for her to want to play in the band was no surprise. She had been talking about playing the flute all summer. When the permission slip came home she still wanted to play the flute. Then one day, she decided she wanted to play the clarinet. Why? Because she thought it would be easier!

So she narrowed down her instrument choices to the flute or clarinet. Since I had the clarinet, I allowed her to give it a squeek. I also have a friend who still had their flute. Therefore, we could see what she would be comfortable with. After trying the clarinet, she realized it wasn't as easy as she thought. While the flute also wasn't easy either, she did decide the flute was the instrument for her.

So next week she starts band. Today we went to pick up her instrument and instruction book, and as long as she sticks with it, I will make the same deal with her that my parents made with me. I am really proud she wants to dedicate time to music, but a big part of me is scared of KARMA. After all, I remember all those long squawky duck sounds I used to make for my parents.

It seems to me payback is just around the corner.


  1. I played the clarinet too. I learned the flute and the saxophone later. On the up side, flute flops aren't as miserable to listen to as the squeaks and squawks that come with reed instruments. Good luck, Abby!

  2. Aww...this is gonna bite you in the ass when you are listening to her practice her instrument...LOL Buy earplugs!!!!!


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