Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Enough! This is what healthy looks like!

Today's media has a big pull on how women view their bodies. But the reality is what we see in the media is a result of some very fortunate positions. People who can afford a chef that cooks the best meals with no limitations on family food budgets; those who can afford personal trainers to do the workouts which are the most effective; and of course, the added help of technology such as photo editing programs that can remove those stress zits or stretch marks. And even if those didn't exist, there is always cosmetic surgery. Why not? After all, if they can afford it then why shouldn't the be able to look the best that they can look.

I have no problem with this. However, I have a problem with their images being posted as what every women should look like. Frankly, that is not possible. We are all designed differently. We are not cookie cutters. So when we see these pictures of super skinny models (who only ate a piece of celery!) we start thinking we are not good enough. And as women, we are teaching our kids this exact same attitude. Well this is what I say to that!


The Enough Campaign was started by a fellow blog writer Julie DeNeen. It was after seeing a photo of Maria Kang on Facebook. The problem wasn't of the photo, which showed Maria Kang with her 3 children and her six pack abs. The problem was with the caption. It showed her youngest was 8 months old and she had her body back... so what was your excuse? That caption captivated everything wrong with society. It showed that if you can't get your pre-pregnancy body back you are obviously making some sort of excuse!
Are  you brave enough to bare your belly?

Now everybody who knows me, knows I am a super crazy fitness nut. I am all about NO EXCUSES! However, I have had ENOUGH as well. I will continue to work out... but I will do so because I enjoy working out. I will continue to count my calories until I get to my goal. However, if I have a cheeseburger and a milk shake along the way or if I eat more calories than what I am allotted, I am not going to use it as an excuse. I don't need to compare my body to anybody else's body and I shouldn't feel ashamed by the way I look because it has taken me 3 years after giving birth to my son to get as far as I have.

I don't have my pre-pregnancy body back and chances are good I will never look like I am that young teenager again. But the good thing is, I don't want to. I am an adult. I have a body of a women who has endured 3 pregnancies. I have a body with stretch marks given to me by my wonderful children. And I wouldn't change it. Why, because I am who I am. And that is not an excuse!

Teach your children how to be healthy - not to be obsessed with skinny!

I am not skinny. I have never been skinny and I never will be skinny. But, I will say I am healthy. I am more toned and I am stronger than I ever have been before. But all this is the result of lots of hours spent working out. This is my "ME" time. Others however, might not want to spend their "me" time working out for endless hours in the day. To me, it made me feel happier and healthier and a whole lot less cranky which made me a better parent.

However, with my excessive workouts, I realized I might be sending a wrong message to my children. With two older girls who are right around the corner of being obsessed with their weight, I wanted them to understand why I was working out. And the only way I could do that was to talk to them.

Being healthy is not about six pack abs. It is not just about moving and exercising and eating healthy. It is about setting a good example. If your children see you working out, they might actually join you. Often times as a family, we go on evening walks to burn off our dinner. It is about eating your fruits and veggies so they want to try them to. But most importantly, it is about having a positive body image. If you love your body - your children will follow.

Show the world that you aren't afraid to bare your belly - that you too believe that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. The norm is not stick thin models - it is us. The women who have a little junk in their trunk. Those who have cellulite and stretch marks and maybe a little pudge her and there. Be proud of who you are and be proud of what you look like.

Show your kids that this is what healthy looks like! 

Because you are beautiful!

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  1. Absolutely amazing, Stacy! You look fantastic, and I'm sure it took a helluva lot of work. You have my support, woman, all the way around!

  2. AHHH! this is so perfect. :) You are GORGEOUS!

  3. Woohoo! I admire you for "showing the belly." BEAUTIFUL! I love the "Enough" movement. :)

  4. Absolutely beautiful pictures of you/your family and very nicely said!! I too worked out quite a bit to get back in shape after having my girls, but agree with you that I will never have my pre-pregnancy shape back and I am fine with it too.


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