Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Ocean Sunset

As a writer, I am not going to lie... Wordless Wednesday is a little hard. I like to write and it is hard to keep the writing down to a minimum. But I am going to try. After all, I just want to put up a single photograph and let the photograph tell the story. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

What does this picture say to you?

This picture was taken in San Diego, California as the
sun set over the ocean. 

If you too would like to participate in Wordless Wednesday, check out my friend Cyndi from Pictimilitude. On Wednesday she will post one of her own pictures and then on Sunday, she will feature pictures from those who participated.

Have fun - Wordless Wednesday is about finding a picture that speaks more than you can possibly say in words!


  1. Gorgeous! Looks especially inviting on this snowy, muddy, cold January day in CT.

  2. Yeah, it's been raining over here for days and days. We'd be BURIED if it was snow, lol.
    This photo is gorgeous. It takes me back to my honeymoon in Key West, even though this one is in California. Lovely!

  3. Wow that photo is incredible! You've got talent Stacy!

  4. Awesome and just beautiful, especially when it is 40 degrees, rainy and chilly here in NY today!!

  5. So beautiful! It makes me long for summer and sunshine again! :)

  6. very nice... only 4 or 5 months left of not-warm weather!

    come on!!! global warming!!

  7. It gives the warmth and I feel like taking out my layers of clothing.

    Awesome click, Stacy

  8. This picture is stunning Stacy! It reminds me of being on holiday somewhere warm, without a care in the world.

  9. "Natalie, it's such a beautiful sunset. Let's go out for a party on the boat!"
    "Sure, Robert! Would you like to ask Christopher to come?"
    "He's always good for a fun time ... sure!"

    Sometimes photos have a strange affect on my humor. Really a nice photo!


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