Monday, January 7, 2013

Music Monday: Born Under a Bad Sign

We needed to unload the car quickly. Here
is the mess. It looks much worse in person!
Yes - I have been gone for awhile. I was back home in Wisconsin celebrating Christmas with my side of the family. Let's just say - it was the best and worst vacation all wrapped in one.

We celebrated the New Year with family and friends. I thought it was a great start. That quickly changed. Let's just say, since the New Year hit, this is the song that has been running through my head. One line in particular....

"If it wasn't for bad luck, you know, I wouldn't have no luck at all!"

Since I am just now getting home - late on Monday night - a day later than what was planned, I don't have much time to go into details. I will save that for tomorrow. Right now, I am heading off to get my kids tucked into their own beds (they have school tomorrow!) and sort through some of the chaos that has been tossed into my front living room.

So here for Music Monday, I am featuring Homer Simpson with...

Born Under a Bad Sign


  1. Welcome back, Stacy!
    We missed you :)

    Happy New year, my friend!
    Am glad you are back home after all the events...will get to read in your blogs.

  2. Glad you're back, and can't wait to read all about your holiday :) Just relax and ease into into today.

  3. So glad you're back. You've been gone forever!


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