Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's Like Air Conditioning... For Your Butt!

A fellow blogger asked yesterday how bloggers come up with their ideas. Do you plan ahead or do you just write on a whim? I answered that usually I wait for something to happen that seems blogworthy each and every day and I usually go from their. I think that answer is what doomed me to write today's post!

I am a housewife. What does that mean... in return for my husband working his life away for money to pay bills and support us, I get the opportunity to stay home with my kids. That also means that I have become the sole responsible person for the sucky chores (unless I can pawn them off on my kids!) That being said, sometimes I am too picky for my own good so I would rather do it myself. You know what they say, if you want it done right, do it yourself. That philosophy sometimes sucks the life out of me.

So my son obviously takes after his daddy.
He has no problem running around naked!
That leaves me to today... doing laundry. It isn't that I really hate this chore... ok - so I do. It is the chore that never ever ever gets done. Just when you think it is finished, someone throws another pair of clothes in the laundry hamper. It messes with my perfectionist tendencies and frankly society would frown upon me if I let my kids run around naked, even if it was just for one day so I could say my laundry is completely, without a doubt, done. (I would have said my husband, but I am sure he would be ok with running around naked, even if society frowned down on it!)

I started laundry yesterday. But, because I knew I wouldn't get it entirely finished, I didn't throw in any more loads in the afternoon. Mainly because there is nothing worse then forgetting that you had left the clothes in the wash and you need to do it over. I know - rewashing is easy... but I got a sniffer that works great. And I always seem to be able to smell that "I forgot my clothes in the washer overnight and now they smell musty" smell no matter how many times I rewash. I think it is mental!

So I threw the final load from the washer into the dryer, but I never got to folding it. That was a task I was going to do this morning before I started the task of laundry all over again. Now I got a lot of laundry to fold and because I have three kids, it means folding laundry takes up a whole lot of room. And no matter how hard I want to, I refuse to put clothes away until all the laundry is done. So I got a pile for everything and it has filled up my dining room table.

That is when I came across the underwear. The underwear that should be retired. It has more holes in it than a piece of Swiss cheese. (Sorry - hope you didn't like Swiss cheese that much that you will now never be able to eat Swiss cheese without thinking of underwear!)

If your underwear starts to
look like Swiss cheese, it is time to
retire them!
Now, this underwear belongs to my husband. He is, however, not short on underwear at all. In fact, I think he has so many pairs of boxers that his drawer is overfilling. Yet, these underwear seem to keep making it back in the laundry. Why? Because he keeps wearing them, holes and all. He does the same thing with his socks!

Now for the life of me, I don't understand why, if you notice that these clothes are no longer functioning, why you wouldn't just throw them away, instead of throwing them back into the laundry. So, to push the point, I took a picture of these holes in his underwear and sent the picture to my husband.

"This is your underwear... on crack!"

His response...

"It is like air conditioning... for your butt!"

Yeah - I got nothing! But at least I got a blog post for the day!


  1. And an awesome blog post at that. I love when something so simple, but so funny can make your whole post for the day. Truly those are the kind of posts that I love to write, but I am with you and there are days like today that I just have nothing. So, I am thankful that I have a few pre-scheduled and will go with that for now!!

  2. LOL! I think my husband has a few of those. Wait, I'm guilty too - or at least was. I finally rid mysql of them. I love "like AC for your butt." Awesome!

  3. That's hilarious! I gotta say your husband's comeback was perfect. And that photo of your son was ADORABLE!

  4. I think all men are like that. My husband does the same exact thing, wears socks and undies with holes in them. Drives me nuts. When I whine about it, his response is, "I can always sew them." Ya like that will ever happen!! lol :D

  5. Men. I have to throw hubby's holies away for him. He had one pair that weer so bad a THONG had more fabric in them, but he kept wearing them. He didn't say a word when they just disappeared. I told him that I thought they exploded in the dryer and went to lint heaven. ;)

  6. I swear your husband and mine are related. My husband holds on to his 'holy' socks until they literally fall apart in his hands. He thinks he's being thrifty until I remind him how much I spend on clothes ... great post.

  7. omg...this was hilarious.

    I am glad you are back with a bang...Stacy! loved it and was laughing out loud.

    your kid was looking adorable in the pix.

  8. Ha ha ha ha. I throw my dh's holey things out without asking...

  9. LOL - you know, sometimes bloggers just need a burst of creativity...you know like a naked piano player!

  10. Hahaha...and that pic of your kid is priceless! :D

  11. You do totally hate laundry. I know cause I've helped you with it! LOVE this post and to the husband in question: Go through the undies drawer for your wife and get rid of the "Air conditioner for your butt" <3 You!

  12. Haha!! I know exactly what you mean. My husband also has underwear and socks full of holes that he keeps wearing, and he also has a lot of others that don't have holes. It's weird!! MUST be a male thing. I'm going to tell him that tonight..."air conditioning for your butt.." LOL!!

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