Friday, January 25, 2013

This is Why People End Up Robbing Banks...

Crazy! It has only started!
I am not going to lie.... this year started off bad.

It didn't just start off bad, it was the year I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. (Ok - maybe I would. It might be entertaining to see what they would do in my shoes!)

Earlier this year - our truck blew up, leaving us stranded in Missouri. Since we couldn't get a date on when the repairs would be done, we had to leave the vehicle there to be repaired and rent a car to get home. It was a band-aid to a bad situation since now we have to figure out how to get back and pick up our car. But mostly, you don't want to make a bad year even worse by having my husband lose his job because you are stuck in the middle of the United States.

So, we went from having two vehicles, back to one. 

Now, not even one full month from the first gigantic issue (I won't even begin to tell you about all the small ones that intermixed in between - like my coffee pot attempting suicide when I need it most or getting the world's worst tax return ever in my life of working!), we are starting to have issues with our last remaining car.

Yep - that is right. Currently it is sitting in the garage.

Sitting - not out driving like a good car.

Why? Because it doesn't want to drive and honestly, with my luck, I don't want to take the chance of blowing up another car. Because knowing my luck - I would be the only person with that bad of luck, to have two vehicles blow up (that we are still paying on) in less than one month time.

The irony of the situation: We have always been slackers when it comes to vehicle maintenance. With these two vehicles, because of all the problems we had with our previous vehicle, we have been particular about everything. We have been taking it in for regular oil changes and tune ups and doing everything we thought necessary so they would last a really long time. We behaved with our vehicle maintenance - or at least we thought!

So, if you don't hear much from me, it is because I have learned a very important life lesson that I really believe in. I didn't learn it recently, it has something I try to live by since I was much younger.

If you have nothing nice to say - 
Apparently I didn't get the message
that I was supposed to be made
out of money!
don't say anything at all!

The only other thing I can think of - it is times like these which is why people end up robbing banks. I mean seriously - how much more financial downfalls can one family take?

Disclaimer: This is in no way meaning that my husband or I plan on robbing a bank. I would get caught immediately because my guilt would not only get to me, but I am a slow runner! It was just a random thought that came into my mind that when people hit rock bottom and there seems to be no solution, they take drastic measures.


  1. Oh Stacy, I truly hope things start to turn around and we have had our fair share of bad luck, but you have had enough and am truly wishing you the best of luck. I am also saying some prayers for you guys (I'm Catholic--not the most religious), but hey it couldn't hurt!!

    1. They do say when it rains it pours... I was never expecting the flood though. Thanks for the prayers though. At this point we need whatever we can get. The bad luck has got to stop sometime! :)

  2. Ugh, car troubles are so frustrating! Whenever I have a string of bad luck, I always say to myself that this HAS to be it - nothing else bad can happen. I'd say you're done with yours...only good things will happen for the rest of the year. You heard it hear first!

    1. I think Murphy and I are fighting again. I keep telling myself it isn't going to get any worse and then I get proved wrong. But I really hate to dwell on the negative. This weekend we are hopefully gonna get it fixed and be good to go! :)

  3. Screw Murphy. That is extraordinarily frustrating. Um...can you take a train to St. Louis? Hubby and I have old cars that are paid for, but another podunk one that we don't keep insurance on but we use to haul wood around the property and it gets used about once a week. But, we have it in case one of the first two blow up. lol.
    And next time we go to Colorado...I think we might rent one so that if THAT one blows up, it's someone else's problem, lol. I do hope these struggles turn around. I guess life does this to us sometimes so that we really appreciate when times are good. I think. ;)

  4. Stacy - Oh, how I can relate to your mess! I wish I'd win the powerball and be able to take care of all my friends! There's nothing more frustrating than transportation problems. The bad thing is that when they fix it, it may not be fixed. My wife's old car was one that died on her in the middle of a busy intersection, we were charged $300 to supposedly fix it, and two days later it died on her again. Their response, "Well, it must have been something else. We'll see what we can find...." I hooked a rope to the tow hook and towed it home where I sold it for scrap. Places like that just love to keep milking more and more cash out of your income. Grrrr! Makes me mad just thinking about it! I seriously hope you have better luck!


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