Thursday, January 24, 2013

Everyday Is A Blog Post Waiting To Happen

Tuesday night, I got the opportunity to attend a webinar about blogging hosted by Thoughts From Paris. I was pretty excited about this webinar because I am always looking for ways to improve my blogging and because I actually got a way with sitting in uninterrupted almost complete silence for the entire time. That is a miracle considering my kids are never far from being underfoot.

The topic was finding content in everyday life. Now normally I write on the fly so this was something I could relate to. My life, although it can sometimes seem mundane, usually presents something off-the-wall or irritating that I can use for my blog. And then with a splash of humor and sarcasm, I can come up with something that will dull you back to sleep!

Prancing through life is a great way to make a mundane
day exciting. 
So yesterday, as I was prancing through the house doing my normal daily routines, it got me thinking... What has happened today that I could actually write about? After all, nobody wants to know about my making lunches for my kids, kicking them out the door to get to school and spending the entire day brainstorming through my muddy brain waters to come up with an unusual Facebook Status Update or Twitter post and ending it with catching up on some of my shows on DVR while holding my eyelids open with toothpicks because I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open past 9:30 p.m. (Yes - my life is that exciting! And I try to prance around my house as much as possible to entertain myself!)

So here is my list of "blog topics" that I could have (or might still) write about based off of yesterdays normal, dull and gray type of day!

1. Waking up late - Getting out of bed lately seems to be a chore. For Southern California it has been downright cold. I can't seem to really do it. So I hide under my covers until the last possible moment. And at that point it is a rush to get my kids up and ready for the school day. Yesterday - that meant procrastinating an additional 45 minutes which only left my kids roughly half an hour to eat breakfast and get out the door.

2. The Fashionista - My daughter Bella is my fashionista. She is also my middle child so I think she takes fashion to a whole new level just to get some attention. Yet yesterday we were running late (completely my fault - I didn't want to get out of bed!) This is the day that she comes downstairs in dirty clothes, clothes that don't match, clothes that don't fit. Seriously - we are in a rush and she has to change her outfit a million times.

3. Thank goodness for coffee - or maybe not - My coffee pot is on the verge of a mental breakdown. I have abused it daily for the better part of the last year and a half. But suddenly, it decides that it is going to start leaking somewhere. I feel like it is a pet dog that has lost control of its bladder. I hate to part with it. I love my coffee pot. And as it brews, it sounds like it is dying a slow and miserable death. If I was nice, I would put it out of it's misery. Instead, I keep it around hoping that if I show it love and compassion (and the occasional time out) it will last until I can go invest in another one.

My son is obsessed with Mario!
4. Dog Walking - I wanted my kids to learn to play the piano. In return for piano lessons, I walk a friend's dogs. Yesterday, as I am walking the dogs, my son refuses to walk on the sidewalk and insists he walk the curb. Why - because he is in a real life Mario game. If he falls off... he ends up in hot lava.  Occasionally though - you will hear him yell pause so he can step off the curb. It drives me nuts that he insists on walking the curb, but since the street has hardly no cars, I figure it isn't worth trying to drag him and handle two dogs at the same time.

5. Date Stamping - On Wednesdays I have been participating in Wordless Wednesday. (Go check the tap up on top if you want to see some of the pictures I have posted!) I love this concept because it allows me to really get back into photography and even photo editing. Let me tell you, I have always date stamped my photos that way when I look back at them, I know when they were taken. Let me tell you how irritating it is take out that damn date stamp. I will never date stamp again!

My kids spend a lot of time in the corner.
The result is sometimes what I call
chocolate tears. You can actually
see tear streams down the wall!
6. Chores of a housewife - I stay home with the kids. It is my priority job. Writing comes second only because until I start making serious money, I can't afford to hire a nanny or a maid to do the stuff I slack on when I am spending too much time connecting on social networks and writing. Yesterday, I noticed hand prints on our white doors. I started wiping them down. Then I realized my son had been using the walls as a Kleenex substitute. I guess I need to start adding wall washing to my weekly To Do List. I even went so far as to wash the chocolate tears from the corner the kids stand in when they are in time out. It was a sad day.

7. My Windex Problem - Speaking of cleaning, I realized that I have a Windex problem. It isn't that I don't have Windex. I have three bottles. Only one that is useable. The other 2 have very little left so you can't spray anything else out of them. But I find it wasteful to throw the extra away. Now why haven't I just combined all the bottles yet? I guess it hasn't made it to my To Do List!

8. Parenting Swap - I spent a lot of time cleaning yesterday. Right before my husband got home, I was appalled that my kids thought it was ok to leave their backpacks, their shoes and their homework spread throughout the entire house. I was barking orders for them to clean as my husband walked in. He looked at me and said, "This isn't right! It is my job to bark orders when I come home." I told him, "No need now. Everything has been handled!"

This is my partner in crime. Scary that we are allowed to
be parents!
9. Dinner of champions - Last night was leftovers. Normally we don't have much leftovers to feed the entire family. I don't purposefully make leftovers because I hate wasting food. My husband blames me for putting on a few pounds because I purposefully fill his plate so there is nothing left. So yesterday, I filled the counter with choices of what was left in the fridge. I am happy to say - there is still enough left over to make leftovers again tonight. Maybe leftovers aren't so bad. I get out of making a real meal!

10. I am going to hell for laughing - Last night before heading to bed, my husband I cuddled up to watch inappropriate stuff on TV. Not that kind of stuff you sick people. We watched Anthony Jeselnik: Caligula on Comedy Central. Nothing he says is appropriate. We laughed our asses off. Why is it that some of the best jokes are not even repeatable?
So as you can see, I learned a lot from the webinar. This was the makings of a very normal day for me. Yet, what I might have though was mundane and boring, could actually be spun in ways that some might even think is interesting. I could even expand on some of these and write a whole blog post with a little bit of sparkle and flair. Add some pictures and I will be rocking it.

But what it comes down to is every day is full of events that are just blog posts waiting to happen. This is just a tip of the list. I could have come up with even more... like how I doubled my Google Adsense earnings from the previous month. But hey, maybe I want to leave that secret for a whole different blog post. I don't want to exhaust all my ideas!

Happy Blogging and here's to hoping you can find small things in life that can turn into big blog posts! 


  1. well said sTacy.

    I find my life the same kinda monotonous one...packing lunch for all, send them of school and work and then clean the house and then sit and write if no reiki person has called in for a sure gets mundane at times especially if blogging. Thus, look at media for ideas ;)

    btw, I liked how you kid would not walk on the curb...can relate that to my kid who is also a mario fan. Max is adorable!

    1. Thanks so much. I learn so much from Max because he truly has an unique take on life in general. Today, he told me to go lock myself in the bedroom so he could fight the bad guys. Why - because he said he was my hero. He is such an interesting kid. Between him and my daughters - I should never run out of things to blog about! :)

  2. I enjoyed the webinar too. It was really encouraging. The best for me was to not feel pressured to post everyday. I just can't do that.

    1. I look at my blog like it is a freedom. So really I kind of do what I want and I am ok with that. But it had some great information and I really felt encouraged when I finished listening!

  3. I am SOOOOOO bummed that I had to miss it. :( Mike & Collin were home so I had NO quiet time/place. I'm hoping to catch it on the rewind. Great ideas for posts, too! :)

    1. Oh no - that sucks. Luckily though they did record it so if you do have some quiet time, it is available to listen. I have the link in my email if you need it. Just let me know! :)

  4. My whole afternoon today was blog worthy and still so shot from it. Between Emma crying when I picked her up from pre-school to one of the teachers trying to sell me her house to my MIL trying to get around me for something else she did earlier in the week to Emma falling and cutting her chin. Yup, I am spent and it isn't even 6 pm!! But think this will make a great blog I suppose!! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. This was a fun read for me! Time off to relax! You all may find this peculiar, but I do enjoy reading about your daily adventures, I don't really have any home life. And I found the writing so good, too! Enjoy this period in time while you still have it, ladies, it won't last for ever! You will eventually get to say: "Oh, those were the days..." So be happy!

  6. Good one! You're right that every day is just waiting to be blogged about :)

  7. I agree that every day holds inspiration for the next blog post...I'm bummed I missed that webinar but it is so hard for me to have quiet computer time when my boys are home...actually, it's not hard -- it's impossible. That pic of you and your hubby is priceless - you two are nutty, in a good way of course! :)

  8. Very entertaining post and you seem to have no end to the ideas! By the way, that picture of you and the hubby is hysterical...and somehow...fitting to this blog! LOL

  9. I think your monochrome has a lot more color in it than you think! I like the fashionista!

  10. I don't feel as much of a 'bad blogger' as I was... writing has always been the fun part, keeping up (with everything else being written) has grown into a larger and larger part of my (blog) day. Of course, 'the work thing' just doesn't seem to have a sense of proportionate.
    My blog writing is sorta turning into the 'I paid for a membership, so I better get to the gym today' thing only in reverse.. somehow

    enjoyed this

  11. This was great. :) And if your coffee pot lasts more than a year, you are doing way better than me! I abuse mine so much that they never last more than 11 months. I do the same thing to vacuum cleaners...I get so mad when they stop working I want to take it out back and beat it up with a sledge hammer. You are right - there is a ton of stuff in daily life that is just waiting to be blogged! :)

  12. This was fantastic! You proved that normal every stuff can be fun to read!


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