Friday, March 15, 2013

Writers Are Crazy

I know, I know... it is like calling the kettle black.
Redbox, movie night, DVD, Blu-ray, rentals, Make it a Redbox night
For only a dollar, you can make every night a Redbox Night!

Oh the irony of the Undiagnosed Mad Woman to be claiming that writers are crazy. Just think about it for a minute.


Yesterday, I got a text message to save a few pennies on Redbox. So naturally, since I needed to go to Walmart to find some toasted marshmallows, it was the perfect scenario to pick up a movie while I was there.

We made it a Redbox night.

As I was browsing through the movies without my husband's assistance (my husband is the movie buff. He knows every actor and what they have played in even in their previous lives! I can identify Brad Pitt!), I decided to pick out a scary movie.
Brad Pitt mug shot, sexy Brad Pitt, Brad Pitt, male actor
Who is that guy??
Oh I know - That is Brad Pitt!

Surprisingly, this is a pretty hoping Redbox location and everyone must have gotten a coupon because there wasn't much of a selection - that I was interested in anyway. So, since my husband is always begging to watch these scary movies and I usually prefer romantic comedy, I finally decided to get a horror movie of his dreams.

Maybe that was a bad decision. I recognized the name of the movie... and I could have sworn my husband said he wanted to watch it. So, with delight, I handed him my Redbox copy of Sinister.

Ok, so some people probably think I am whining like a baby. It scared the CRAP out of me. Not to mention, I have never seen my husband so... disturbed by a movie. Yet, I wouldn't let him shut it off. I was already invested and now I wanted to know what happened.

So last night, after some anxiety meds were taken, we went to bed with the lights on. And this morning I woke up with one very strong thought...

crazy writer, writers are crazy, crazy eyes, writer
Doesn't this picture say crazy writer?

I think it is a necessary state of mind really. You want to come up with an idea that captivates people; that throws them off the trail; that makes them feel something... anything... whether it is good or bad! I think every writer is a little crazy, just maybe they don't openly admit it. But they have a talent to take something and twist it to the point where you can't turn away.

So after the movie yesterday, I had to wonder, "How did this writer come up with this idea?" Was this something that stemmed from a childhood nightmare? Is this something stemmed for real life situations? I don't know. I don't think I am crazy and twisted enough to come up with something so twisted.

Then again... after reading 50 Shades of Grey I started wondering the same thing about the sanity of writers?

We are all crazy as writers... I guess it is just the level and plane of crazy we are willing to explore and expose!


  1. I must not be a writer. I'm not crazy. :)

    1. I met you... you are qualified crazy! LOL

  2. I think there is 50 shades of crazy...some hav emore shades then others...ahhheemmmm Terrye :P

  3. Yup, I am as crazy as they come, must be why we are friends and get along so well!! :)

  4. now I understand why I get to hear that word such a lot...Thanks for confirming it, Stacy!

    Hell ya, we are crazy!!


  5. Not hallucinating yet--but the fantasy section of my brain is on fire--what does that mean?

  6. I hate horror movies and my husband loves them! Craziness right there!

  7. I've got to check it out. Crazy? Me? Let's see, articles on cats talking, super sperm, wonder woman taking a dump in an invisible plane, when you scream "bomb", ... well ... maybe just a little. lol Great post!

  8. Oh jeez...I think we all have to be a little crazy to be writers, otherwise we'd just write a lot of boring sh@t that no one would want to read!'ve made me very curious about that movie. Although I'd probably watch 3/4 of it behind my hand and ask Geoff every 30 seconds to tell me what's happening!


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