Thursday, March 21, 2013

School Paperwork has Sucked Out My Brains

This morning had an interesting start.

I woke up to my son screaming because he wanted a drink... in the middle of the night... ok, so it was actually morning... 3 a.m. to be exact.

I figured this would happen. After all, he played so hard yesterday he fell asleep at dinner.
kid sleeping at dinner, sleeping on food
All that running around just wore him out!

After I had gone downstairs to fill his cup up with juice, I dragged my behind back up the stairs. The hallway was illuminated with nightlights and I could hear whimpering from the bedroom.

Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I see this rodent run in front of me and across the room.

FUCK!!! Don't tell me I have a mouse!

That was, of course, my first thought. After all, our hamster had already escaped once and we had been enforcing the "Stay Away From The Cage" Policy. Not to mention I was half asleep so I wasn't really think. But after almost squishing this little rodent, I was wide awake.
Houdini.... errrr... Buddy the Hamster, is a
friendly little guy. He just sometimes likes
to come out at night to explore.

I checked the cage and Buddy the Hamster... had indeed escape. I grabbed his bag of food, hoping that if I shook it, he would come out wanting food. Nope - he was a smart hamster! He knew he was being cornered and he knew he was being trapped.

I caught him before we had to deal with any sad, crying kids. However, by this time, my son decided he was wide awake and he wanted to watch a movie. Why not - after Hamster Hunting it wasn't like I was going to have much luck falling asleep.

So I got up... and I decided to start laundry, iron my husband's work clothes, make the kids lunches. It was a productive day to say the least. At least before 8 a.m.

This afternoon I went to go fill out the rest of my paperwork for going back to school. As if I wasn't tired enough. Whatever remaining energy I had, just went out the window. I feel as if my brains have been sucked out.

Now how the hell is this school thing going to work if I lost my brain?


  1. Just left you a whole comment on my phone only to not have it go through :( The gist of my comment was I feel your pain having had Emma sick the past few weeks and hate the middle of the night wake up calls, because I never truly fall back to sleep either. Also, give you a ton of credit going back to school now, because if I did that now I would definitely lose what was left of my mind for sure!!

  2. Wow. You are such a fun mama...juice and a movie at 3am? Don't tell my kids! LOL

  3. Good luck with school. I am glad you found the hamster. I am afraid I would have freaked out and the story would have ended badly.

  4. Can't believe you're going back to school....that's awesome! Sounds like quite an adventurous morning. Thank goodness you didn't have to get dressed up and go in to an office. ;)

  5. Sigh...a three a.m. wake up call sounds....awful. But, you are a trooper! Glad you got the hamster back, and I bet Max was so tired, too. Hehe. And the school thing sounds great. :)

  6. I woke up at 3am last night too. My son climbed into our bed and wanted a drink. When I fell back asleep I dreamt I was in a soaking wet bed. Turns out, he spilt his bottle all over me, in his sleep :(

  7. Oh you silly girl. You don't understand- it is a prerequisite that upon entering the halls of higher education you must come WITHOUT brains! You're all set to make the Dean's list. No luck needed. Hahahah

  8. Hope you catch that degree...and hamster!!

  9. All of my four children are nocturnal so I feel your pain. Sometimes I feel like I should just sell my freaken bed and be done with it.

  10. Take as many classes as you can online, it will make your life easier. That way you can still do stuff with your kids, and work on the course work.


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