Monday, March 4, 2013

Music Monday: Zombie Apocalypse

I am obsessed with zombies.

I am not really sure where this clearly unhealthy obsession came from, but it has rapidly gotten worse over the course of the last couple of years. Maybe I have been infected by the Z-virus. Maybe this is how the apocalypse starts!

Last week, my husband and I were perusing around the DVD selection at Walmart. We were looking for a very specific zombie movie and Redbox didn't have it available unless I wanted to go for an hour long drive. Needless to say, I wasn't heartbroken to buy the DVD and add it to my collection of zombie movies. Except we couldn't find it.

Since we were already there, we continued to look. And that is when we found it.

The concept was pure genius. At least in my mind. Even though I have never heard of it before, I couldn't wait to watch it. Even if it was the worst thing I have ever set my eyes on, I knew it would be worth the entire 98 minutes of wasting my life away.

After all... how often do you see a storyline about a writer who writes zombie novellas, but is having a bout of writer's block. I can relate. And they sing. Best way to describe it...

Musical Horror Movie!!

I am so on board!

This movie is called The Dead Inside. And while I was originally interested in it just because I thought it was going to be a "so bad, it is good" type of movie, I was pleasantly surprised. This is writing at a pure genius level.

The storyline was intense and had the perfect twists. This is the first movie in a long time, that I couldn't figure out the ending. And as soon as it finished, not only did we watch all of the special features, but we wanted to watch it again. Upon start, it seemed like it was going to be mostly comedy. But it wasn't. It twisted and took a serious turn. Needless to say, it was probably one of the best movies I have seen in a long time.

Being that it is a musical doesn't hurt anything either. Not only am I obsessed with zombies, but I am obsessed with musicals as well. So a zombie musical is my idea of heaven!

What got me the most though was the brilliant writing. They took a story and twisted it in a way that has never been done. As a writer, I know how hard it is to come up with a unique idea, so this is something I can really appreciate. But don't take my advice, go check the movie out for yourself.

As for me, it has become the inspiration for my Music Monday Post, featuring the love song "Zombie Apocalypse".


  1. Zombies are awesome! that is all...

  2. I love it when movies keep you on the edge of your seat and you can't figure out the ending. It sounds like it's really good! :)

  3. Nice surprise and love when that happens when you watch a movie not expecting much and then enjoy it!! :)

  4. Okay, so this is what you need to do: Write your own zombie movie/musical!! I'm not kidding. Take your obsession, combine it with your writing talent, and you've got a hit for sure...go for it!!

  5. I have to agree with Emily. Write your own! You have the talent and ability to do so. I'm waiting ... is it done yet? How about now? Still not? How about now?

  6. Sounds like a great movie! I love the zombie part and the not knowing what's going to happen in the end (I'm a sucker for thrillers), but not too much of a musical fan. I agree with the others, you should be writing a zombie book! Maybe throw in some romance. It would be a hit!

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  8. I love horror flicks of all kinds--and I love musicals! Way fun!


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