Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Hair-Brained Idea... Success or Fail?

Only part of the skills we learn as
a cosmetologist is the art of cutting hair
As a cosmetologist, we learn a lot more than how to do magic on your hair.

  • We learn how to give manicures and pedicures.
  • We learn how to give facials.
  • We also learn about hair removal.

One of the things I remembered from school was being introduced to Sugaring. This is not unlike a wax, but it is different. It is a honey type paste than can be used to pull the hair out from the follicle. Unfortunately, for it to work, you need to grow the hair out.

That is right - for two weeks before the class, we were not to shave our legs or our armpits. We were like cavemen. Ok - maybe some of us were more hairy then others, but either way, we needed to learn the process (and have the process done to us so we knew what it felt like) so we had to grow out the hair that is not accepted by society on a woman.

One of the many things I learned
in school is how to remove hair
with sugar. Don't be fooled though,
this isn't real sugar that you bake with!
Well, sugaring has many benefits, but honestly, I am not going to tell you about sugaring itself. I am going to tell you what I learned from sugaring.

  1. After excessive treatments, your hair will feel softer (because it won't be a blunt end like it is when you  use a razor). This treatment can make it seem like your hair doesn't come back as fast.
  2. When you pull out the hair follicle, it can bleed.
  3. Bleeding is a good thing because you might have potentially damaged the follicle meaning the hair won't grow back again.
I know it works, because I have used it many times while I was in school. I also know it is painful. I also know that if you are a little OCD, you will finish off the rest of the hairs that didn't get caught the first time with a tweezer... so it got me in the habit of tweezing hair that normal people probably don't tweeze.

Yes - I know - sometimes I am a little crazy.

When I was bored, I would spend hours tweezing hairs from my legs. There wasn't much hair left because of the sugaring and you could barely tell it was there. But I was bored and it would fill the time. 

So that is when I got the idea to tweeze my armpits. Summer is right around the corner and frankly, I find the task of shaving irritating. But if you want to go out in public, shave is something you must do.

So I start thinking... If I could tweeze the hair and damage the follicle, maybe I could go longer in between the removal of body hair.

Did you know tweezing your underarms is rather painful?

So, I started doing this a couple of weeks ago... and I can really only see the results on the left side since I am better at tweezing with my right hand. (Yes - I know you must have the most awkward visual in your head right now!)

So last night... as I was tweezing a few strands trying to make them permanently disappear, my husband caught me. Now - you would think he would have been surprised, but he wasn't. Which leads me to the conclusion that I must frequently do hair-brained activities.

I wasn't getting very far by myself because I was having difficulty with the right side. Being the noble man he is, I enlisted his help... and he obliged.

After about 100 tweezes and 99 of them pinching my skin... a few screams from being tortured, I told him to stop. I couldn't handle it anymore. This was a sick form of torture. I am sure I would endure waterboarding much better. 

Yet his OCD took control of him. He couldn't stop not being completely finished. He needed to continue. So there I sat, my hair exposed to the tweezer in his hand. I think he was actually enjoying it!

Needless to say, I had to prove a point on how painful it was. He lasted 10 hairs before he broke down crying. 

And when I look back at my hair-brained idea, all I have to say is this...

This is what happens after 13 years of marriage. 

Do you have someone special in your life that would
be willing to do weird things with you?

And my armpits have never felt so soft and smooth!
I don't have to worry about this now that I have soft
and smooth armpits!
Note: The only thing injured in the making of this post was a few armpit hairs that deserved it. And just to clear things up, my armpits never looked like the above picture. And those who prefer not to shave because of culture or preference, I do not judge. Shaved armpits on a woman is just my preference.


  1. Sounds painful yet satisfying all at the same time. I bet if feels great to have done. That reminds my my unibrow needs it. Andkudos to your hubby for makin git happen!

  2. With Terrye and truly have no words, lol!! :)

  3. Yeah, um, I agree with Terrye on this one. I have no idea what to say, except, "OUCH!"

  4. OUCH!! That sounds horrifically painful! I don't think my husband would go near by armpits, lol!! Maybe when we get to 13 years of marriage, hehehe.

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  6. You'd think that having put a man on the moon more than 40 years ago, humans would have figured out a better way to remove body hair. I have been waxed, shaved, plucked, threaded, lasered and used all the gadgets known to man .... why can't they just invent a god damn pill?

  7. There are times you make us wonder ... not about sugaring ... but about the enjoyment of pain. I have never enjoyed it. I don't think my wife has either. Perhaps we're missing out on something. Perhaps we're not. Perhaps we're too old to experiment. No, we ARE too old to experiment. We shall leave the enjoyment to you. And, really, we're not even jealous! lol Have fun!


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