Monday, March 18, 2013

Music Monday: Dream Weaver

I have been having the strangest dreams lately.
dreams, dream weaver, dream land

Ok, so I have been screwing up my sleep schedule. Maybe that is why my dreams are sitting in the forefront of my memory when I wake up. I have been going to bed really late and still getting up at roughly the same time.

I will admit though that even though I wake up at my normal time, I do force myself to go back to sleep. I would hate to grace the world with my cranky attitude!

So the other night I was introduced Role Playing Games... the kind with dice you pervs!

A friend of mine wanted to run a game for her son and thought it would be an advantage to have some older players. Of course, I have never played, so I don't know if that is necessarily an advantage.

On Saturday night, we made our characters. It took almost 6 hours to get the perfect character. I have a vision in my head on who she is and what her special powers are. To me, it is no different than writing. This is my character synopsis and I know every aspect of her personality.

Needless to say, I was so wrapped up in this character that I have made that I dreamed about her all night. What can I say, she was a bad ass and she was taking down the bad guys and conquering missions like any bad ass would.

Unfortunately for my husband, that means he got the brunt of force from the bad ass fighting skills I must have possessed in my dreams.

And because of the insane amount of dreams I have been remembering lately, I seemed to have also get a song stuck in my head as well. And I can't think of a better song for Music Monday...

Dream Weaver by Gary Wright.


  1. I love that song -- for some reason, it reminds me when I was in summer camp a LONG time ago.

  2. Awesome song and totally reminds me of Wayne's World now!! :)

  3. Dream Weaver...I don't know when it came out, but I used to have a tape - remember those? - of it when I was in middle school. Love it. Enjoy those vivid dreams...they're fun and can lead to a book. Did you know Wizard of Oz was the dude's dream? Then he filled everything else in. :)

  4. dreams are a must, and i usually have a fun time analyzing mine when I wake up.

    I love the song!
    Happy Monday, Stacy!

  5. I love that song. And now I dislike you with strong emotion because it's stuck in my head. AHHHHHH!

    I haven't played role playing games (the non-perverted ones) since high school. :D

  6. That song is still one of my favorites!

  7. That sounds like fun! Geoff used to play Dungeons and Dragons years ago every second Friday night. He loved it. He'd also spend hours on his character and skills and things they needed to prepare for that night's battle. I haven't played something like this yet, the closest I've gotten to designing characters with skills is playing The Sims!

  8. I still love that song! Dreaming is a large part of my life- though they have gotten even more real and violent since 'the change'. Just another thing to look forward to.

  9. The last role playing game was "Cowboys and Indians" when I was a kid! lol How does it feel to be included in the "older player" category? Wait until people start asking if you qualify for the senior citizen discount. Thank God I never got my concealed carry license! lol If you like "Dream Weaver", you need to check out "Moriah" by Spooky Tooth (Gary Wright's previous group). It will really please you! Enjoy!


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