Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Cleaning

My parents are coming to town. They are taking the long drive from Wisconsin all the way to California. I know I am crazy enough to do it... my parents are following suite.

What does that mean to me....

I need to get serious about my cleaning!

cleaning, mopping, tile floors, wringing out mop
Cleaning up and getting the house ready for company!
Ok - it isn't that we are slobs. And the mess that you do see is the results of having three kids anyway. But this is what I do know. They have never seen my house before. So even if it kills me, my house will smell and look like sunshine and roses.

Until they get here. And then I will blame the mess on having company!

So if you notice I do a bit of a disappearing act for awhile... just know I will be back. I am currently visiting with the people who had crazy!

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  1. Have fun with your visit from your parents and I am with you on cleaning (only do it when I have to!!).

  2. That's exciting. I do hope their car is all tuned up. ;)
    And let's see...yeah, when my parents come and visit, it makes me clean things that I'd forgotten about years ago. Ooops. At least I try to make my house smell like sunshine and roses, too. LOL

  3. fun fun times coming ahead, Stacy!

    happy cleaning till then :)

  4. The pressure of having company is one of the few things that motivates me to clean. It's nice to get everything in order, even though the three kids in this house don't let it last either. :) Hope you have a great visit!

  5. Oh man, I don't envy you with that floor! Hope you had a fun weekend! ;)


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