Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Popcorn

Sometimes the best pictures can be grabbed and what you may think is the most inopportune time... for instance... making popcorn before family movie night.

I had a little fun experimenting with this picture in Photoshop, but the original snap was just as neat. If you too would like to join Wordless Wednesday and share a photo, check out Pictimilitude for submission guidelines.


  1. Cool! I love how the popcorn is clear, but the sides of the photo are faded out...

  2. Awesome and am with Terrye now wanting popcorn, lol!! :)

  3. Mmmm...buttery and LOVELY! YUMMY! Now I have a craving. And I tweeted. And that somehow sounds wrong. LOLOLOL

  4. I'm craving chocolate covered popcorn with roasted nuts. Haven't made that in months. Can't wait for winter so I can dive into all the comfort food. Great picture!

  5. I had popcorn today as a snack with parm sprinkled on top. Mmm...

  6. The popcorn looks great! The spam comment above about dating is beyond belief! It's the first I've ever seen on a personal blog. I'm shocked they'd go that far.

    1. I have been getting a lot of spam lately... it is irritating. But I just deleted a bunch of them! :)


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