Monday, February 18, 2013

Music Monday: Ring of Fire

This weekend... I ruined the song sung by Johnny Cash for Terrye over at The Adventures of a Misplaced Alaskan. It really wasn't my fault. Let me explain....

This weekend, Terrye and I dragged our families out to The Grand Canyon. Ok - so some may say we did it for the breathtaking view of this giant hole in the earth. Nope - we were morbidly curious about each other and we thought this was the perfect chance to meet!


Anyway, we decided to take the train ride to the canyon and on this couple hour trip, there was entertainment provided. This cowboy came and sang and played his harmonica. One of the songs... is my feature for Music Monday.

Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire

Now you are probably wondering how I could ruin this song for her... Well.... let's just say when I was in Cosmetology school, I have vivid memories of a girl singing this at the top of her lungs will doing her business in the bathroom.

There really is no need to explain further. Not sure if Terrye will ever think of this song the same way again.

Hope you enjoy! 


  1. A hemorrhoid company once tried to buy the rights to this song for use in a commercial.

    Kinda wish they had. Them or Tabasco sauce.

  2. Yep...I'll never be able to sing along with that song again without thinking about your "friend." LOL

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  4. Lol! How fun that you guys met up! I bet you had a blast!

  5. LOL, that's great! This song always makes me think of the first night I met John and his roommate played it for us all to dance to. So, I always think of our first date when I hear this song, hehe. Sounds like ya'll had a blast!! So awesome!

  6. This song does not do anything to my

    But makes me wanna go to the circus to go see those artists perform with

    Maybe the day was long for me that fire n heart does not trigger

  7. Okay, I'm old. I admit it. I was a small child when this song came out. I know I drove my mom crazy playing it over and over, while singing along. I drew the line at Kitty Well's "It wasn't God who made honky tonk angels" though. I still kick myself for missing the Grand Canyon when I visited Arizona. Maybe, one day...


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