Saturday, February 2, 2013

We Are Getting Old....

Last night was date night. My husband and I were pretty excited. After all, we don't do date nights very often. Why? Because they are expensive and because we have to find a babysitter.

I know - small price to pay for some time alone to celebrate your relationship.

Last night was an exception. We have been waiting for the opening night of Warm Bodies for a long time. Originally it was supposed to come out on our anniversary last year, but they pushed back the release.

This movie is a zombie love story. Not only are we both obsessed with zombies... but it adds romance and comedy to make a perfect date night. So we decided to get out and break the bank.

These kids look so cute. Really,
why would anyone want
to get away for a night!
The first thing we did upon getting rid of the kids was headed for a nice relaxing meal. We were smart this time around. We made reservations.

We walked in and we immediately cut ahead of about 15 people waiting for tables. They gave us dirty looks. We stuck our tongue out at them for not being smart enough to call ahead. Now we had about 2 hours and 45 minutes to eat. This gave us plenty of time before the movie started.

Well, old habits die hard and since we are both ex-military, we had ordered, eaten and finished in 45 minutes. Now we still had another 2 hours to waste! Whatever were we to do?

We used to walk the mall every weekend. At one time,
we actually thought it was fun!
Remembering our younger selves, we decided to head across the parking lot to the mall to walk around. We used to do this all the time before we had kids. For some strange reason, I remember enjoying it. Yesterday, it was boring.

We walked through the mall and not a single store screamed out, "Come look at all the stuff we have here for you to buy!" I just wasn't interested in shopping.

However, one salesperson did scream out to us. She wanted us to try this moisturizer sample and then she nicely pointed out that my husband needed this eye serum to get rid of his wrinkles and bags... and she pretty much gasped when she realized he was only 33.

But no worries. He could improve the wrinkles under his eyes and look so much younger with this promotion today for only $199. I laughed... my husband was not amused! (Especially since neither of us got carded at dinner either!)

After 30 short minutes, we realized we felt out of place and awkward. We were surrounded by teenagers holding hands. Girlfriends running from store to store. Boys with their pants so low their boxers were showing. We were no longer a part of that "mall crowd!"

We were... GASP... the old people!

We promptly left and headed back to the movie theater. At least in the movie theater it was dark so no one could see how old we actually were!

After the movie we promptly drove back home to go to bed where we giggled like little teenagers with excitement because without kids we knew we were going to get something that most married couples don't get much of....

A couple of old fools..

Geesh... what you think I was going to say!


  1. Sounds like it was actually a great date night. But then again, I'm old.

  2. I am so there with you on the old feelings, but sounded like you had a nice dinner and fun at the movies at the very least. Love date night and we too only get that so often!!

  3. Hope you had lots of good SLEEP. Totally get you, who could be bothered wasting precious no kids time having sex. Sleep is way more important! :)

  4. sleep? hey...where do you find a babysitter these days? I mean...background checks, finger printing, a security gets spendy trying to ditch the kid! :)

  5. Love the story!!

  6. Sleep! I LOVE sleep. LOL... Funny post and how'd the zombie movie go?

  7. Sounds like a great date night, even if the mall part was boring. And if you two are old, then that makes me ANCIENT!

  8. Well, I feel a lot better now. I thought it was just me that always felt that way. This is a fabulous story. Thank you for the laugh.

  9. I loved reading that! We are just like you and hardly ever do date night because it is so expensive and kind of a hassle....but we DO get to go away for a weekend over V-Day, thanks to my parent, and I can hardly wait! I think we'll be doing that thing you mentioned....sleeping....a lot! BTW, how was the movie? I am dying to know!

  10. I'm so glad you guys had a night out, you deserve it!! Sounds like the perfect date night ;) Must agree with you about the malls....I can't stand going there anymore, neither can my hubby. I also remember going there for weekends and spending almost an entire day there. Crazy.

  11. I'm glad you two old people had a fun night out. :) If you're old, that makes me ancient!! We don't get date nights much either and when we do I always worry that we are being totally boring...even though we are both content.

  12. Stacy - What a reality check! lol There is a time in your life that you tend to be looked at as "old" by others. Mine came about 15 years ago when a Best Buy clerk asked me if I was buying the new Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony cd for my kids! Grrrrrr! I told him I'd been a music fan for more years than he'd been around and that age had nothing to do with what one likes or doesn't like! Upon leaving, I figured out that sounded just like something an old person would say. lol Oh well, shit happens! So does aging! Great post!

  13. Oh I love this, and glad you guys got out on your own. I'm assuming that you're pumped for Walking Dead to start up again? Fun fact: Rick is the stalkerish/obsessed dude in Love Actually. That through me for a loop at Christmas time.

  14. Date nights rock. No matter your age. :) (Actually, I think they get better the older you get. Really.)

  15. Ha ha! That was cute! I started noticing that I'm the old person now too. Actually, I started noticing that about five years ago. Now, most of the country is younger than me, I believe. Yes, I believe that's true. It is not fun. Glad you were able to get a night out. We rarely do that either.


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