Monday, February 25, 2013

Music Monday: Still Alive

Yesterday, they planned a mandatory power outage for our area.

We knew in advance. They sent us letters and they even called us on Friday to let us know it was going to happen. Yet, when Sunday morning arrived and the power went out... I was surprised.

Maybe it was my half asleep state...

Maybe it was because I only skimmed over the letter...

Maybe it was because my husband is the one who answered the phone...

Ok, so maybe it is nothing more than I am forgetfull and didn't want to think about facing a torturous day without power or amenities. If we would have remembered, we would have planned better.

Ah... but that wouldn't have made nearly as good of a blog post either!

I mean seriously! What would I have said? Yep! The power went out. So we went to Disneyland. End of story! Boring - I know!

Spend the weekend with good friends and
board games.
Instead, what really happened is we stayed up way too late the night before playing board games with friends. I woke up to my son who was suddenly going through Wii withdrawals and wanted to play Mario. I forced my husband to get out of bed and assist my son because I may or may not have had a headache directly related to the amount of wine I consumed the night before.

So we got a chance to clean the house. What else were we going to do? There was no power, but at least we had water.

We wanted to leave and escape the house, but since we forgot about the power outage, the car was stuck in the garage. (Sure, we could have manually unlatched it... but it wasn't worth the effort or the possibility of breaking the garage door. We are just good like that!)

So instead, we did things that people used to do. We went outside and played. Rode bikes... jumped on pogo sticks... jumped rope... and even went for a walk. We came back in and I taught my daughter how to play cribbage. My husband read a book.

People used to survive like this. NO TECHNOLOGY! They used their bodies and their imaginations.

Made me wonder.... It was just so quiet. Is this what it would be like if the apocalypse happened? Without the zombies of course. I can only assume they would be noisy.

Would you stop with all the moaning
and groaning. You are going to
wake the kids!
But mostly, we survived this power outage. Even without TV, without the Internet (I know - impossible and torturous scenario - right?), without lights (in the bathroom), and without killing each other.


Which is why, for Music Monday I choose the song Still Alive from the game Portal.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Great choice and we too survived the power being out after the hurricane. I just am not a fan of being without heat, but now that I have done so power I can do it again just would want to if I don'r have to!! Happy you survived it though and sounds like you even had a bit of fun doing it!! :)

  2. Sometimes I forget that a majority of the US is used to having a steady supply of electricity. :) It was very rare to make it through a winter without at least one power outage lasting a few days. Even this winter, my brother had 4 days of no power and it was a high of -20. I sure don't miss that crap.

    But you do get to appreciate all the comforts of life when you're just trying to stay warm and cook hot food! :)

    Great post, Stacy!

  3. I hear ya, Stacy!

    sometimes no power is a blessing. Make me also ponder on the various things MAN can actually

    Great post!

  4. I hate power outages. Oh I know...all that time and imagination and creativity. Blech. I'm such an internet addict. I need AA or rather...IAA.

  5. We've had extended power outages here over the past couple of years and I have found that the quiet is kind of amazing. The cooking though, is another story. :) Glad you guys survived!

  6. I am usually ok with being without power, but my husband on the other hand IS NOT. Actually, that is probably an understatement. A few summer's ago I made him go to Walmart with me, because he was being REALLY crabby, because he was HOT. If you only knew how much I hate WALMART. But I chose WALMART that day to save my marriage.

  7. Ya know, the time when we didn't have power for 9 days over Christmas gave me a jolt and turned my whole outlook upside down. We didn't have heat, water or anything except gas logs and even then we had to drive 20 miles two days after the fact to find more kerosene. We finally located water up at our spring, but you had to hike up the mountain to get it. After that, I was like NEVER again! we have a wood stove, we can hook the spring into the house and we have a generator we can hook into the house - all things that came to be after the long power outage. now, when it happens, we're like..ah...just put another log on the fire and light a candle while we're at it, LOL. Though, don't get me wrong: I love my power. Ha!

  8. Congrats on surviving the power outage...I still have traumatic flashbacks to Hurricane Sandy and the 9 days we were without power. From that experience, I know I could NEVER be Amish. But, you're right, you do learn to appreciate and experience the things we all used to do before electronics invaded our lives. Looks like you all had a lot of fun!!


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