Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pillow Talk

Last night for dinner I decided to make spaghetti. It wasn't anything too complicated.I usually just brown some hamburger, add some sauce from a jar, and then boil some noodles. Then - Voila - a masterpiece right in front of you!! Watch out all you Chef shows... I am on my way!!

Well yesterday was a little different. I only used one can of jar sauce and I used a lot - and I do mean a lot - of noodles. We were planning for leftovers. To top it off, I had a couple of tomatoes sitting in the fridge that needed to be used. So, to make the sauce go further, I decided to chop up those tomatoes and add them to the sauce. Naturally, this threw the taste off so I had to add extra spices and seasonings to make it taste brilliant. And that is what I did.

So naturally, after a nice romantic dinner (with three screaming kids!) we decided to veg out in front of the TV and watch a nice romantic movie. Ok - so we watched the 5 Year Engagement. Nothing says romance like waiting it out!

Sadly the night had come to an end and with all the kids in bed, we decided to head in the same direction. As we lay there, my husband gives me a kiss good night...

"You smell like Spaghetti," I told him.

He gave me a strange look, raising his eyebrows just a bit.

"I promise you, I did brush my teeth," he said.

"It isn't your teeth. I think the spaghetti smell is just radiating from you."

"Radiating from me?"

"Yeah - kind of like Eau de Spaghetti!"


"It isn't a bad smell or anything. I like spaghetti," I reassured him.

"I guess there are other smells that could be worse."

"Yeah - like dog shit baking in 110 degrees from the California hot sun wafting in our backyard!"

"Wow! That's specific!"

"Well, that does smell worse! I bet it was all the garlic I used in the spaghetti. I had to tune out the really tomatoey taste from the fresh tomatoes!"

"The sauce was good though," he reassured me.

"Yeah, it was! Spicy too. You could really tell I used those Red Pepper Flakes. And I didn't even use that much. Not like the garlic! I just dumped that in!"

"You did use a lot of garlic."

"It didn't smell bad, though." I half asked and half stated.

"Well - no - it didn't smell bad. At least nothing like dog shit baking in 110 degree temps."


"We have awesome pillow talk!"

Who said romance leaves after kids are born. Isn't it obvious by our obvious bedroom conversations? 

Hope your conversations are just as fun!


  1. GAWWWDDD..this sounds like Andrew and I. Our pillow talk is ridiculous! LOL

    1. Ironically... I thought of you when I wrote this. I was like... wow... didn't Julie and Andrew have a similar conversation... lol. But it is good to know the romance is still alive! :D

  2. HAHAHA. That's funny - I like this post because you really inserted humor in unexpected ways and it really worked! I was wanting to keep reading, hehe. Awesome!

    1. This was so hard to write... I mean... have you ever tried to type and laugh at the same time? LOL - Glad you enjoyed this!

  3. Omg, that sounds so much like Kevin and I was actually a bit scared lol!! Loved this though and too damn funny :)

    1. I think it will be a relief to know that this is normal Pillow Talk! LOL Funny how we can all relate to this! :)

  4. LOL!!! This was hilarious. Sounds like you have a lot of fun at home. Do think I need to get you hooked on Food Network Channel though, those tomatoes won't stand a chance! Hehe. :)

    1. Oh no... Food Network. Ironic because I can honestly say a year ago, I wouldn't even touch a tomato... I hated them. I am not really sure what changed. But I didn't want to let them go to rest. I think next time I might actually purposefully add the tomato. It might have been my best spaghetti meal yet! :)

  5. Yes, I agree it is healthy to have such pillow talk when later on we realize how kiddish it was ;)

    I THINK/HOPE its good for one's marriage too...lol
    Same boat!!


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