Monday, October 8, 2012

Music Monday: Snuggle Bunny to lift my Spirits!

Music has always been a big part of my life. I had choir in school for as long as I can remember, started band in the 5th grade and currently, since my daughter has showed an active interest in music, I have attempted to pick up playing the piano, the guitar, and now the flute. 

I guess you could say I enjoy music!

Yet, when it comes to my musical likes - you could probably say I can't be grouped. I often hop from type to type without a blink of an eye. Although I will admit it is really funny when I am listening to my Ipod and someone who is unaware of my musical section is around notices the jump from Bohemian Rhapsody to the Mighty Mouse Theme song. Their looks are priceless!

So today, I present you with a song that makes me very happy. I found this song one day while cruising around YouTube. My kids will actually flock to it. My husband is annoyed by it. (which makes this song even better in my mind!) And whenever my son is moody, I play this song and he instantly changes his attitude. My husband says it is because I listened to it daily when I was pregnant with him. Either way, my kids love it and they find comfort in it. So today as I was feeling sick, I too listened to it too. And while it can't take away any of the ailments... I hope if you are ever having a "down" day, this gives you a little lift! :)

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Such an adorable song and yes, music can do wonders healing anyone physically and emotionally.

  2. Wow, this is too cute. My girls are sleeping now, but need to let them listen to it tomorrow and can totally see them loving it. Thanks for sharing Stacy :) :)

  3. That was great! Kudos to you for pushing through even though you felt crappy!!!

  4. Oh no...well that sucks. It says that the uploader isn't available in my country. Arrrg. It looked cute though!

  5. I hope this awesome post helped you to feel better! Music...ahhh...wonderful music. It's *awesome*


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