Monday, July 1, 2013

Music Monday: You're so Vain

I never really considered myself a vain person. Not that I thought I was ugly or anything. But then again, who really does?

swollen eye, allergic reaction
My left eye is almost
completely swollen shut. It
looks like I got into a fight!
Guess what? Lately I realized how truly vain I am...I can't stop looking in the mirror!

All it took was for me to go through some medical issue I can't explain which causes some severe rash to cover my face and swell up my eye.

Believe me, this is an improvement to the oozing scab from last week that will probably leave a permanent scar on my face.

It has already been 3 visits to Urgent Care and the doctors have no clue what is going on. I thought it was an allergic reaction. Now I just think the zombie apocalypse is starting with me!

That is why today's song that is stuck in my head for Music Monday is....

Carly Simon with "You're So Vain!"

Hope you enjoy... I am off to the Emergency Room. This really is turning out to be a crappy summer!


  1. Sorry to see this, Stacy.

    I wish you well, my friend! Good luck!

  2. Girl, I hope they get it figured out, soon. In the meantime, if you can tolerate it, drink some apple cider vinegar - it's like this cure-all stuff. Head to Earth and read about ACV. I know, I know...I could be their spokesperson. I drink the stuff like it's candy...and it does NOT taste like candy, LOL

  3. Oh man...that's no good...very sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better.


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