Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Promised I Would Blog Today...

I am not really sure what I got myself into. Yesterday I publicly announced that today was the day I might actually have time to blog.

What I should have done was keep my mouth shut.

lips sealed, close your mouth, stop talking

Time to blog? More like I should have taken the day off. My mind is numb. My brain is dead. I don't even really have anything to say.

Yet, I feel obligated.

Maybe you have noticed - maybe you haven't - but I have been MIA a lot recently. I could list a variety of excuses.

gardening, garden explosion, feed me seymour
Look at all those flowers!

  • I went back to school.
  • I was fending off the zombie apocalypse
  • My garden came alive and kept screaming "Feed Me Seymour!"
  • I was doing undercover work for the FBI
  • I took up residency in a mental hospital

Ah... but did any of that really happen. Sure it did. I did return to school and the last class was a beast. Doesn't help that it is accelerated. I was fending off some kind of infection... I am not sure if it was the zombie apocalypse. My garden did explode... with zucchini. I promise you they aren't talking though. I can't speak about my FBI mission. And I really need a vacation so maybe I should take up residency in a mental hospital.

What matters most though is that I actually blogged today.

Did you learn anything from it?

Was I remotely funny?

Will I ever be able to get back into the groove again?

Ah - only time will tell! Now I am off to go see that doctor. 

Residency here I come!


  1. You haven't missed a beat, even though I'm sure others have missed you as I have. Good to see you back at it, instead of simply taking life easy and getting fat. (Oops, don't tell your husband I said what he told me.) Welcome back!

  2. Glad to see ya back. Take er easy a write some nonsense, we will read it. Get on that vacation and make it happen, bet you need it. Welcome back jack!

  3. I think residency in a mental hospital sounds almost appealing truthfully... I absolutely hate when I feel obligated to write yet my brain is numb and words fail me, but I think you did awesome! Welcome back!
    <3 Kimbra @ Mommys Rambles

  4. Well, you pooped out a post, so that's a plus. :) It does sound like you need to take a breather, you'd probably feel better and the creative juices will start flowing again. Why do you think I try to spend so much time on the lake? :)

    Sorry I'm late stopping by from the Humor Me! Blog Hop.

  5. Hey so where are you now huhuhhuh?


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