Monday, May 20, 2013

Music Monday: Whistle While You Work

Today is a busy one. Not that there is ever a day that goes by that I am not busy. I got a massive amount of scrubbing and cleaning to do... after all, it has been neglected over the last few months. I have homework to do; end of school activities; washing my hair; working out; picking my nose and picking my blog post. Mostly though, I have to start coming up with marketing strategies for my book Mother's Day.

If you thought writing a book was hard, try getting the word to spread like wildfire. So, as I step into the beginnings of the marketing process, I am just going to have to Whistle While I Work... seems like the perfect song for Music Monday!


  1. Marketing - they say that it's marketing, not selling that will actually sell your product. Wish you luck! And I'm looking forward to reading this. I have 17 books (yes, 17) checked out from the library and it's the end of the school year and I'm trying to get stuff published...yikes...I will read it as soon as I come up for air, lol. Have a great Monday. :)

  2. I hope you share this process as you travel the 'self-publishing'? road. Can't wait to be the first in line!!!

  3. One of my favorite Disney movies and songs ever!!


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