Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Finding my Brand

Writing a book was the easy part....

Mother's Day, book, winged heart in child's hands
Never thought I would say that in my life. After what seemed like forever, I finally hit the "Approve" button and my book was out in the big, wide, evil, cruel world for review.

Ok - it was no longer for review. It was up for grabs for anybody who was curious enough to spend a few hours reading it and a few bucks buying it... but that also meant it was up for critique. People could love it - or they could hate it!

What would people say?

I was so nervous....

Sure, we all have people who will never fail to buy what ever you write regardless of how bad it is or how good it is. It is the strangers we have to be careful of. We need to wrap our hearts and our minds with a Teflon coating so we don't get burned.

And that was when I ran into a wall.....

I was so excited to have finally hit publish. I knew I wasn't going to become an instant millionaire... and probably maybe not even a best selling author... at least yet. What I wasn't aware of, was how hard it would be to actually get someone to buy my book.

A few short lonely books later, I was wondering where were the critiques? The people slamming me under the bus because they hated it. Where was the love? The people who told everybody about it until they were blue in the face.

I guess that means you have to sell some books.

Now don't get me wrong. This is not a pity party. I have already sold a handful of books and the people who have invested the time in it to read Mother's Day, can't seem to put it down. So it must be good. At least that is what I am getting from the feedback.

The problem is, I need to brand it. I need to make people want to buy the book. I need them to realize they can't live another day without purchasing my book. I need to find a way to convince them there is something in it for them.

Frankly, how the hell do I do that?

If you would like a copy of Mother's Day, the book I completed for Nanowrimo, click here for the paperback. If you would like the Kindle version, click here.


  1. I greatly enjoyed your book. Good luck with the selling part.

    1. Thank you. If you go to my Facebook page Ramblings of an Undiagnosed Mad Woman and post a picture of you with the book (or just of you holding the book) and send me your information so I can get in contact with you, I will be doing a campaign soon and when I hit a certain amount of sales I will be doing a give away. :)

  2. Have you considering publicizing on Goodreads.com? They have a new author program designed to help authors reach readers. Good luck! http://www.goodreads.com/author/program

  3. I am sure you will hit your goal, Stacy.

    A new author always faces some challenges. But, the end is a smooth one :)

  4. Yay, it's month-end, which means I can finally buy a copy of your book! I hear you...I feel the same about the non-fiction one I just published. Honestly, I expected a lot more, but I think I was just being impatient. Remember, nothing in life worth ever having is easy. What are you going to say when you're rich and famous one day? That it was smooth sailing from the get go. Not likely to inspire anyone, LOL. Hang in there...you've done an amazing job so far, and congrats on all the sales! :)

  5. Good luck! I have no idea but I am sure you will figure it out- after all, you WROTE A BOOK!

  6. Downloaded it to read - but I have six in line on my Kindle reader. Yowza! But I'm very much looking forward to reading.
    From everything I hear, the marketing and selling after you publish is more challenging than actually writing. When I visit various author websites, they all agree that books make up only a tiny portion of their income. That's very interesting to me and lets me know what I might expect. Good luck. When I finish it, I'll help market and share it, too. :)


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