Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Go BIG or Go Home!

I have a problem...

I usually get something set in my head and I want to do it. The problem is, I can't and won't start out small. I have to go all the way. I have to make an investment. If I don't have everything I want, I won't be a success.

I did this once with sewing. Got all the Dummy manuals, got the tomato looking pin cushion. I even asked and got a real live sewing machine for Christmas one year (which is, by the way, sitting in the box - only been used a few select times, most of which ended up being a jammed up mess!) I spent more than 100 dollars on patterns and fabrics and really cool specialty scissors.

The obsession to be the next best seamstress and make awesome homemade clothes didn't last long. Soon I moved on to crocheting... That didn't last long either but I did make a rather frumpy looking scarf once.

I also did the same think with crafts. Bought all the supplies to make my own jewelry. I intended on wearing it and selling it. Instead, I gave most of it away and threw the rest in the box were they continue to get into a tangled mess. Bought a bunch of stamps. Thought it would be fun to make homemade cards and stamp stuff. It really wasn't my thing.

I also can't forget about the time I decided to explore my musical talents. I love music. I used to play the clarinet in high school. So naturally, I thought with all this extra time on my hands, I would be able to teach myself how to play guitar.

playing guitar, rocking, acoustic guitar
I am pretty good at pretending that I am rocking out!

After months of not being able to figure out the correct way to strum, some really sore fingers, and constant complaints about my boobs getting in the way, I gave up and moved on to Piano. (I am happy to say I am having a more positive experience with this one, and have almost figured out how to play Fur Elise!)

This year - it is gardening.

I have no idea how to garden. In fact, looking at my record, I have probably killed more plants than I have been able to grow. I once treated a hanging strawberry plant with Raid to get rid of the ants. The ants no longer bothered my plant... we didn't get strawberries either.

So this year I am going to prove my black thumb wrong. On a positive note, I got my kids to keep checking on it for me! Out of the four of us, we should at least come up with one thing that is edible.
gardening, healthy eating, planting, vegetables
The kids are so excited. They can't wait
for stuff to start growing!


  1. I am the SAME way...and I can just say how happy my eyes are at your new blog layout. love it!

  2. This sounds so much like me, I am a big time go big or go home type person...good luck with the garden

  3. Have to agree with Julie, I LOVE your new blog! So much easier to read...yay! :) Isn't gardening fun? I'd do it more often if there weren't so many of those worms all over the place....ewe hehehe

  4. I know you're going to be successful at gardening. It's addictive! The garden space you show looks wonderful- so do the kids. Have fun!!

  5. Stacy! Nice remodel on the blog-home! And I'm sorta the same way with new hobbies. But I keep all the stuff and eventually get back to them. :D Good luck on the gardening!

  6. I really need to pick up the guitar again. I miss it, though I've been that good at it. LOL


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